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    BMW N55 DIY XDI-35 HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) install video on an F32 435i

    Many BMW owners will be interested in seeing the work involved in installing an upgraded XDI (Xtreme-DI) HPFP. The N55 solution from XDI was released over a year ago and TTFS (Tuning Tech Frank Smith) provides the pump together with their software solution.

    Click here to enlarge

    This is a long 40 minute video so no doubt most of you will not sit through it. However, if what you see is too difficult you will want someone to install this for you.

    Others will likely enjoy the challenge and doing the work themselves in upgrading the N55 fuel system system.

    Additionally, while the pump being installed below is an XDI-35 there are XDI-60 HPFP solutions for BMW applications and more BMW products in the pipeline.

    I am REALLY excited to share my latest project and install the incredible XDI-35 high pressure fuel pump from TuningTechFS! HUGE thank you to Gabe and Frank of TuningTechFS for this amazing project and incredible product! The difference is already apparent!

    This is a really powerful upgrade to support your car as you hit the upper performance limits, especially your fuel rail. TuningTechFS is a group of really dedicated tuners, who want to help bring your car safely into a whole new level of power.

    An upgrade like this really is an investment in how well your car can perform, and I believe completely worth it already for me! My latest dyno logs, before this pump, were already showing significant rail pressure issues at high RPM. My fuel rail (which should be 2600+lbs) would drop as low as 900lbs!! This is really serious, and you could see it in the logs and feel it from the car! This also creates situation that can be damaging to your car as it struggles for fuel at those highest performance points.

    Important note: You MUST update your car with bench/flash tune to enable the full capacity of this pump. Active Autowerke tune, BM3, MHD or others. **REQUIRED**

    Here are the specs on the new pump:
    Maximum Flow Rate: 195LPH @ 7000rpm
    Maximum Rail Pressure 200bar 2900psi (like OEM)
    Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends
    Mechanical Data Geometric Pump Capacity 1.22cc (OEM = 0.897cc +36% capacity)

    The reality is I can already feel the difference! After the install, I got a few street pulls in and the power gradient felt linear and smooth. Now it might also be coincidence, but right after the install I had a 100 mile drive home, and posted 36mpg AVERAGE, which I have never seen from my car EVER. I am normally in the mid 20s, so while my sample set is small, the difference is dramatic.

    I cannot WAIT to get my car back to the dyno, pull logs and see my tune updated even further with this new headroom on fuel delivery capacity! This is going to unlock a whole new level!

    Required parts and tools:
    TTFS XDI-35 HPFP pump
    8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm sockets
    17mm wrench
    E10, E18 reverse torx socket
    5mm, 6mm, 3/16th allen wrench or socket
    Intake gasket set - 11617547242
    Updated tune - You MUST update your car with bench/flash tune to enable the full capacity of this pump. Active Autowerke tune, BM3, MHD or others. **REQUIRED**
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    A larger fuel pump isn't going to give you more mpg's, the calculation is off because the fuel pump is much larger so the computer thinks its flowing less fuel. Same thing on $#@!baru's when you swap injectors, the in car lie-o-meter goes out of whack (or did, this might be fixed in software by now) because the Injector Pulse Width gets reduced with larger injectors flowing more fuel per pulse.

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