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    Aftermarket PCCB alternative? Surface Transforms carbon ceramic brakes for Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, Aston Martin, and Ferrari

    Porsche PCCB carbon ceramic brakes are certainly an expensive option. If you did not order them from the factory, you are looking at $20k+ depending on your model to get factory carbon ceramic brakes.

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    Surface Transforms on the other hand can get you a set of carbon ceramic brakes for $12,998.

    Cheaper than the factory but with some other major benefits:

    • REFURBISHABLE multiple times with an average expected lifespan of *12-15k track miles* with refurbishments
    • Available for both PCCB (Yellow) and Cast Iron (Red) Caliper equipped vehicles without the need for replacing the calipers
    • Better braking performance over PCCB’s and cast iron rotors
    • Significant improvement in brake modulation over PCCB’s – better trail braking
    • Option to run a much more aggressive pad for track applications versus PCCB’s
    • Approximately 50% less expensive than PCCB rotor replacements
    • Average expected life between refurbishments of 4 to 5 thousand track miles
    • Refurbishment of a complete ST rotor set costs less than the equivalent cast iron rotor replacements
    • Significant reduction in brake pad wear compared to the PCCB rotors, and most cast iron rotors
    • Operating temperatures approximately 200 degrees lower than PCCBs
    • 50% less unsprung weight compared to the equivalent GT3/GT4 cast iron brake rotors
    • Minimal brake dust compared to cast iron rotors for street use

    The ability to refurbish/resurface alone with longer life is a huge advantage. Still, $13k is hardly cheap and if you check the box from the factory PCCB's only run $8500 and you can even negotiate that down.

    Still, the Surface Transforms option is available for Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce owners who want to add carbon ceramic brakes to their vehicle and definitely is an option to consider.

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    12k for a full set is not a bad deal. I searched their website and they do not compare their rotor weights with the factory ones...

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