Here are a few runs you do not see very often on the dragstrip. The Porsche 991 Turbo everyone is familiar with by now and this particular white turbo is similar to another turbo that ran 10.9 @ 126 on the Palm Beach International strip back in December. These runs take place in late February with warmer 65 degree weather and density altitude at 350 feet. Not terrible conditions or hot weather by any means.

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As the name implies the LP-570 has 570 horsepower from a naturally aspirated 5.2 liter V10. It is belt for the roadcourse as the aerodynamic enhancement imply and has roughly 150 pounds of weight stripped out of it. It is lighter than the 991 Turbo by around 400 pounds. Lightweight all wheel drive naturally aspirated 570 horsepower Italian V10 with a sequential manual gearbox against a twin turbo all wheel drive 520 horsepower German flat-6 with a PDK dual clutch gearbox. Who wins?

The first run between the two has the Lamborghini using launch control (it is not specified if the 991 Turbo uses it) and it is neck and neck between them. The Lambo runs an 11.342 @ 125.52 to the 991 Turbo 11.351 @ 123.04. The Lamborghini is quicker (just barely) and faster by just over two miles per hour. A 991 Turbo S looks like it would beat the LP-570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale on the strip.

The second run features no launch control from either car. The Supertrofeo loses trap speed and elapsed time with an 11.441 @ 126.33. The 991 Turbo without launch control somehow improves its time to 11.251 and its trap speed marginally as well with a 123.45 mile per hour pass. This implies launch control was not used by the 991 Turbo on the first pass as does the similar 1.9X 60 foot.

The final run is the Lamborghini doing a pass without the 911 Turbo again with no launch control and it manages an 11.393 @ 126.22.

The 991 Turbo is the quicker car and that is by virtue of the PDK transmission. The Lamborghini is the faster car as it is lighter with more horsepower up top in the rev range as the stronger trap speed shows.

This is a very nice drag race to see and the Lambo does well although it obviously was not built with drag racing in mind. The 991 Turbo is actually the better car for that than the LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.

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