• Motortrend was wrong: F10 M5 will have dual clutch transmission, not automatic

      EVO confirmed with a pre-production test drive that the F10 M5 will indeed have a dual clutch transmission. You may all remember the hoopla Motortrend created with their report that it would be automatic only. This is one of those times where it is important to hold a magazine accountable for sensationalism and just trying to generate buzz based on false information which definitely hurts MotorTrend's credibility. What DCT unit will it have? Well, chances are, with the torque the M5 will be generating it may get the Getrag unit out of the California which is rated to hold 553 pound-feet. It may even have to be a modified Getrag 7DCL750 as the M3 7DCI600 can only hold 440 pound-feet.

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        well now, here's some good news! cant wait for it to come out