• The AC Schnitzer 99d E89 Z4 - touted as efficient and responsible performance

      Seems everyone is getting in on green tuning these days. AC Schnitzer is without exception bringing their 99d Z4 to Geneva. What is the 99d? Well, it is a tuned Z4 using the 320d 4 cylinder turbo diesel motor. The horsepower rating is raised from 163 to 190. The brakes, body work, interior, and suspension are all custom and created for this one off car which will not be for sale (some of the parts will be though). AC Schnitzer states it would take over 150,000 Euro to replicate this. At which point we say, just get a Z4 with a 6 cylinder which makes this thing pointless.

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        dOpEdUpM3 -
        The stickers make 15whp, and they hurt my eyes Click here to enlarge. I don't like the exhaust.
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        Sticky -
        This thing is a waste of time. I just had to post it up because it's "News" apparently.

        An overpriced car they won't even build that is going to Geneva to score some image points with the greenies. Lame, find your sack AC Schnitzer.
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        DBFIU -
        Hey like I said before, they are only going to do what in the end will win them publicity and brownie points. If jumping on the bandwagon is the most profitable, then so be it. That is how companies work, does it suck balls? Sure... And they know it, but I bet they're enjoying the huge paycheck at the end of the day when they get a nice pat on the back and large hybrid contract to build eco-machines...

        Money talks, environment doesnt mean $#@! to them; if it did they would have done this without having to 'jump on the bandwagon'. No one gives a $#@! about the environment, thats why every single car company came out with green $#@! all at once, because its the new fad.

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        Sticky -
        I'm starting to think this green stuff is big business. Just a huge business ploy... and I want in.
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        That's all it is. Big companies don't give a $#@! about bambi and neither do I.

        But a lot of people do care about the bunnies, so big companies will make products that cater to that market. Demand controls supply, not the other way around.
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        I really AC Schnitzer. But this not happening. I just the new issue of BMW Car yesterday and they an AC Schnitzer E89 Z4 35i. They have remapped ECU for $3000. But the real piece is the Race Suspension, it works really well. It did not elaborate on it's adjustabilty but I would get that. But the green thing? Companies put time and some money in to it but do not stray to far from their core competencies. Decals do not make you faster!!!!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by deemo319 Click here to enlarge
        Decals do not make you faster!!!!
        BimmerBoost decals do:

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        Hey where i can get a bunch of those? NoWhere Click here to enlarge maybe i should make some