• BigBoost Stage 3 BMW B58 turbo kit details and pricing - 563 rear wheel horsepower

      BigBoost announced their BMW B58 turbo kit offering earlier this year and their upgrades are impressing to say the least. They hit 534 wheel horsepower with their Stage 3 setup on an F22 M240i and increased this output to 571 rear wheel horsepower in May for a B58 platform record.

      BigBoost provided more pictures, dynos, and specifications recently:

      What's included:

      - Turbo Manifold
      - Turbocharger (Master Power 5959)
      - Stainless steel in-house TIG welded d0wnp1pe
      - Aluminum 4" intake pipe
      - Aluminum 2.5" charge pipe
      - Stainless steel braided aviation grade oil feed line
      - Engine block oil feed aluminum coupler
      - Billet aluminum oil return hose coupler
      - Silicone couplers
      - v-band clamp
      - Hose clamps
      - Turbo coolant banjo style fittings
      - Turbo coolant hoses and clamps.
      - EWG Bracket
      - BMW OEM Manifold Gasket.

      On the 571 rwhp pull some people complained torque was not shown on the graph. Well, here you are:

      Talk about a massive increase over stock:

      What about pricing?

      Price: $3199 USD for first 15 buyers, $3750 retail.
      Installation time: 4-5 hours
      Installation service available? Yes, we are located in Pompano Beach, 40 mins away from Miami.
      OEM reliability
      Installation instructions included? Yes.

      Additional mods needed:
      Meth or Throttle Body Injection (TBI)
      JB4 with EWG wires.

      The B58 is really starting to come into its own and with supplemental port fuel injection we will likely start seeing 6xx+ whp examples.

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        nbrigdan -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        torque was shown on the graph
        *Wasn't ?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by nbrigdan Click here to enlarge
        *Wasn't ?
        My bad.
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        Eleventeen -
        I like how simple the kit is; cost effective and reliable! Looks like an easy install, too. I wonder if they offer the option of a more proven turbo like Precision or Garrett, though.
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        Eleventeen -
        It looks like Big Boost is the "exclusive importer of Master Power Performance (racing) turbochargers".
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        Juan@BigBoost-Billet -
        Customer results now starting to appear!

        340ix upgrades:
        - BigBoost stage 3 turbo
        - BigBoost Throttle Body Injection
        - BMS JB4
        - BMS Meth Injection kit
        - BMS Billet Intake
        - Modified exhaust (Not sure of brand)

        Here is Iminluv340's 340i X-Drive latest 0-60 mph time: Attachment 55466

        This is his previous time: 3.35