• Soul Performance launches F80 M3 and F82 M4 Valvetronic Exhaust system + 563 whp dyno with RK Tunes S55 ECU and bolt ons

      Soul Performance Products continues their product expansion. They now have a Valvetronic exhaust system available for the BMW F82 and F80 M3 models. You can adjust how loud it is and keep it open or in stealth mode with the valves closed.

      It also shaved almost 10 pounds off the factory exhaust:

      + Fits BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 (2015+) Does NOT fit F83 convertibles
      + Designed to add maximum power with valves open and offer a touring quality tone with valves closed
      + Optional resonators reduce raspiness and harsh tones from aftermarket catless downpipes
      + Weighs 9.5 lbs / 20.94 kg less than factory exhaust components (68.95 lbs vs 59.45 lbs)
      + Choose from a variety of 3.5″ and 4″ tips to customize your system
      + All Soul Performance Products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

      Yes, that says lifetime warranty. Also, there is no lead time here. They have this exhaust in stock and ready to ship.

      How about the power gains? Well, keep in mind the majority of gains will come from downpipes due to their location and the cats. Here is what a bolt on car with the RK Tunes S55 ECU tune along with the Soul exhaust and downpipes put down:

      RK Tunes states the exhaust is providing roughly 10 whp over similar baselines. Obviously, 441 whp is a very healthy baseline number.

      This exhaust is more about the sound than power though. Just listen to it:

      Now that sounds a whole lot better than the factory exhaust. It even has a slight tinge reminiscent of an E46 M3.

      As for options:

      SOUND: Choose between Resonated and Non-Resonated exhausts. We recognize that a large amount of owners upgrade to catless downpipes, which can add harshness and raspiness to any exhaust setup. As a result we offer optional resonators which can help with minimizing some of the metallic bite and bark when aftermarket downpipes are used. Each combination has a unique tone:

      Stock Downpipes + Non-Resonated Exhaust: Get a more aggressive tone than M-Performance at a better value.

      Stock Downpipes + Resonated Exhaust: Adding resonators with stock downpipes transmits more tone into the cabin (a very slight perceivable rumble that you can feel which we enjoy) while quieting down the exhaust from the outside slightly. Valves closed will sound like factory full on stealth mode.

      Aftermarket Downpipes + Non-Resonated Exhaust: If you want an all out, aggressive note (especially with burble tunes) the full song of the S55 is unleashed. For when you like the raw sound of straight pipes, but still want to be able to drive through your neighborhood at night.

      Aftermarket Downpipes + Resonated Exhaust: Resonators take some of the harshness / rasp out of the exhaust note and smooth the transition between valves closed and open. Maximum power with as reserved a sound as possible for a street car.

      The exhaust starts at $2795:

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