• Another camo wrapped BMW F82 M4

      Ok... wraps are popular. Last week a BMW M4 from the Czech Republic was posted with a camouflage wrap job. It provided mixed but mostly negative reactions. Well, here is another take on the idea with much better execution.

      For one, the car foregoes green and goes for a monochromatic scheme. Additionally, the entire car is not wrapped. The end result is a more modern looking wrap that compliments the rest of the modifications.

      Definitely better execution but it still is a car screaming for attention. Good for a tuner promoting a product maybe.

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      1. Den*'s Avatar
        Den* -
        very well done! I wish to do the same with my e92
      1. 7to3_enthusiast's Avatar
        7to3_enthusiast -
        Nice! Definitely screams for attention like you said...but uniquely deserving of some.
      1. Torgus's Avatar
        Torgus -
        This one is better by far imo.
      1. xxxm3's Avatar
        xxxm3 -
        lot of better as the czech one - but z-performance wheels are no option on a car like this...
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Torgus Click here to enlarge
        This one is better by far imo.