• This is the BMW E46 M3 Touring (Wagon) Concept that never was

      The E46 M3 is a spectacular M vehicle and arguably the best six-cylinder M3 produced by BMW. The 3.2 liter S54 I6 iron block motor is well known for its raspy scream to 8000 rpm along with its razor sharp throttle response. What could possibly be done to make the E46 M3 better?

      Well, offer it as a wagon. BMW thought about it but ultimately decided against it. A bit of a shame as a fairly lightweight performance wagon with a manual transmission may offer that bit of practically that could convince a wife that this is actually a family car.

      BMW came painfully close to doing it:

      Quote Originally Posted by BMW M
      This prototype allowed us to show that, from a purely technical standpoint at least, it was possible to integrate an M3 Touring into the ongoing production of the standard BMW 3 Series Touring with very little difficulty.

      One important thing we needed to demonstrate was that the rear doors of the standard production model could be reworked to adapt them to the rear wheel arches without the need for new and expensive tools.
      Oh well.

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        Burtonium -
        Awesome, just awesome. What a damn shame, would have made the ultimate touring. F what the wife wants.
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        Sticky -
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        . F what the wife wants.
        Heh, good point.