• VF-Engineering releases F30 335i & F32 435i N55 ECU OBD-II Hex tuning flash software - Stage 1 & 2 dyno results

      The F-Series N55 models do not get nearly the attention of E9X models in the tuning world. There are many reasons for this but what we are going to focus on here is Hex Tuning ECU Flash software for the N55 F30 335i and F32 435i models from VF-Engineering.

      The ECU needs to be unlocked physically but once this is done you can flash tunes through the provided OBD-II cable.

      The power gains for Stage I and II on pump gas are very respectable. Notice torque for the Stage II tops 400 lb-ft at the wheels. Also, Stage II offers a nice top end gain from 5500 to 6500 rpm over the Stage I:

      Power gains are part of the picture but the software also offers throttle overrun, startup roar, and increased power level sport gauges.

      Stage I starts at $995. Stage II runs $1095. The OBD-II Hex flash cable is included along with free map revisions and map switching between stock and tuned.

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        VF-Engineering -
        Dyno Plots from the "BMW (F3X) 335i/435i Data Sheet" Posted Above

        Advertised gains for HEX Tuning ECU Software is always based on run averages, never taking the "lowest"
        stock run and "highest" tuned run in order to artificially inflate the delta gains. VF Engineering/HEX Tuning
        strive to create tuning solutions that provide consistent and repeatable gains for all customers, as opposed
        to "glory runs" or "aspirational numbers" that our customers may never achieve in real world / independent

        All advertised plots are with 91 Octane fuel unless otherwise stated.
        All before and after runs will be posted "Uncorrected" in order to demonstrate the power gains as measured
        by each of our dynamometers without mathematical correction factors.

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        MUSTANG DYNO - Sample Dyno Plot from Stage ONE Testing

        Click here to enlarge

        Dyno Plots for Customers Vehicles BMW (F3X) 335i/435i

        Vehicle: 2013 BMW (F30) 335i 8-Speed
        Software Level: Stage ONE - ECU Software
        Additional Mods: N/A - Stock
        Peak Gains: 27HP | 107TQ
        MAX Gains: 76HP @ 4,400 RPM | 113TQ @ 3,100 RPM

        Click here to enlarge

        Vehicle: 2014 BMW (F32) 435i 8-Speed
        Software Level: Stage TWO - ECU Software
        Additional Mods: VRSF Downpipe | MPerf. Exhaust
        Peak Gains: 58HP | 116TQ
        MAX Gains: 87HP @ 4,150 RPM | 124TQ @ 3,100 RPM

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