• BMW, McLaren, and Ricardo team up for a new internal combustion engine

      Do not get too excited. The last time McLaren and BMW worked together on a motor it resulted in the utterly legendary 6.1 liter S70/2 naturally aspirated V12 under the hood of the McLaren F1. That is arguably the best engine BMW ever constructed for a street car although it did not make the BimmerBoost best M engines list due to not being in a BMW.

      Do not expect anything as exciting as the McLaren F1 V12 this time. The effort here is directed in developing a green motor. You may be asking, where does Ricardo fit into this? Well, Ricardo is responsible for the award winning McLaren M838T twin turbo V8.

      The group does want a high performance internal combustion motor but the focus is primarily C02 reduction.

      The project is partially funded by the UK government. What will be the end result of this collaboration? We will have to wait and see.

      Ricardo joins McLaren Automotive in collaboration on future combustion technology

      Strategic project to design and develop technology for the next generation of powertrains
      Ricardo joins with project leader McLaren Automotive and BMW Group, Grainger and Worrall, Lentus Composites and the University of Bath

      The strategic partnership announced today by McLaren Automotive, aims to design and develop technology for the next generation of high performance, low carbon powertrains. It also aims to further facilitate CO2 reductions while simultaneously increasing engine output. The technology is destined for application in future McLaren engines. The project is supported and part-funded by UK Government through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) – with balancing contributions by the project partners – and will also improve the UK’s development and production capabilities of low-CO2 internal combustion engine technology.

      Ricardo joins project leader McLaren Automotive as its longstanding engine manufacturing partner, having previously also collaborated on the design and development of the McLaren M838T engine which has enjoyed multiple category wins over successive years in the International Engine of the Year awards. Ricardo and McLaren Automotive will be joined by BMW while Grainger and Worrall will deliver complex, lightweight casting technology, Lentus Composites will contribute knowledge in specialist composite structures, and the University of Bath will bring its advanced research and development capabilities in internal combustion engine systems efficiency.

      “The entire team at Ricardo is enthusiastic to working with this partnership led by McLaren, aiming to create technologies for the next generation of power-dense, high fuel efficiency engines,” commented Ian Penny, MD of the Ricardo engines business unit. “This project will help to ensure the continued UK leadership in high performance, low carbon propulsion technology, and builds upon our highly successful collaboration with McLaren Automotive.”

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      1. inlineS54B32's Avatar
        inlineS54B32 -
        This is awesome - surprised no one is commenting on this. The S70/2 is (as mentioned) likely the best IC engine ever made. I mean, even though this video is like 15 years old - every time I watch it, his enthusiasm transfers to me - I have never seen Tiff more excited driving a car than in this video:

        What a phenomenal engine/car - and cannot wait until we see what they brew up next!
      1. AWSAWS's Avatar
        AWSAWS -
        Power and Co2 reduction. It's an oxymoron. Unless burning hydrogen or maybe we should try sulphur...
        Hate this green bulls hit.