• Hidden gem - 1981 BMW M1 found in Italian garage with 4500 miles on it

      The M1. The first of all that is M and the only mid-engined BMW M car ever produced. It is a rare car that fetches upwards of $500k from collectors for mint condition examples. This one is not exactly mint but after some love, care, and serious cleaning it will be a pristine example.

      So how does this happen? How does an iconic piece of automotive history get buried in a garage somewhere? It's a story you see from time to time that someone buys a car and puts it into storage forgetting about it and that car decades later becomes very valuable.

      As a quick refresher, these are the 1981 BMW M1 specs:

      3.5 liter M88/1 I6
      Individual throttle bodies
      5-speed manual
      Rear wheel drive
      273 horsepower

      Only 457 examples were built and once this one is cleaned up expect it to find a home in a connoisseur's collection.

      Let's hope BMW decides to build an M1 successor before the internal combustion engine is completely phased out.

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        93siro -
        Lucky bastard... Look at my barn find:

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        Piece of $#@!, yeah.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 93siro Click here to enlarge
        Look at my barn find:
        I don't even know where to find a barn around me.
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        Actually had a similar but also different M1 situation at a shop I used to work at. There was a faded Grey m1 sitting outside for like 10 years on flat tires that apparently belonged to some guy who had a trust fund and lost interest after bringing it in for repairs. It was there at least 4 years while I was there. I begged my boss to put a mechanics lien on it but he was too much of a pussy