• New F30 3 series rendering

      This rendering of the F30 was done for Bimmer Magazine by Schulte Design. The E9X platform still has a couple good years left in it but it is on the downward swing. The F30 is coming and if it looks like this rendering that certainly is a good thing. 5 series headlight cues can be seen but we doubt the front bumper of the standard model will be anywhere near as aggressive. The N55 and the new 4 cylinder turbo motor should be the powerplants that launch with it mated to an 8 speed automatic. This is a good interpretation of the future model but we remind, it is just a rendering.

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      1. THATDONFC's Avatar
        THATDONFC -
        Those hoods all look like $#@! IMO.
      1. dOpEdUpM3's Avatar
        dOpEdUpM3 -
        I like the headlight angle, looks very aggressive. Only thing that bothers me is the front bumper, looks too open for my taste. Over all Good job!
      1. DBFIU's Avatar
        DBFIU -
        Looks heavier than the current 3 series, in fact it looks like the current 5 series.

        Soon cars are going to weigh 5000 lbs.

        EDIT: I dont like the front bumper, looks like the mazda 3 smile except a german smile (ahh motherland!!)
      1. SSDD's Avatar
        SSDD -
        I am still very happy with my E90 LCI. Nice render
      1. DarkPhantom's Avatar
        DarkPhantom -
        Very nice render, definitely looks more aggressive than the current LCI