• Rob Beck N54 (335/135) Turbos Dyno'd at 5500ft altitude

      As a lot of you know I live in Johannesburg South Africa which is 5500ft above sea level. Tuning of the car is a work in progress but I got a opportunity today to give the car a run on a dyno just to see where I am at with my "street" map. Runs where done with 93 and meth (CM10) and the temp was 30 degrees celsius with no cooling of the car. We have not touched the tuning much above 6000rpm as we had to make sure we had the fueling waxed at lower high torque rpms. Boost pressure was set at 19psi and tapered to 15psi at the higher rpm. The timing is also very conservative and I am confident to say that we can push 475whp in race trim comfortably. So far Chip Logic does not seem to have hit any barriers in the tuning of larger turbos using flash software.

      A ten percent gain should be added for coastal figures.

      The comparative graph is of the same car without the turbos and exhaust. A stock 335 makes 245-255whp on this same dyno so we looking at a full 200whp gain currently at this altitude. It would be nice to hear from some people who have done tests at high altitude to see how they compare.

      The next step is to pour some race fuel and run the 19psi to redline and see how it reflects.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by SlicktopTTZ Click here to enlarge
        DAMN! That's a lot of ft-lbs to play with, hope it held on to some of it up top!

        Can't wait to see the chart! Click here to enlarge
        Yeah, and that was at 5500 feet!
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        Ok new dyno up.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by George Smooth Click here to enlarge
        Ok new dyno up.
        Thanks for posting a higher res dyno.
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        I'm looking forward to the new dyno results Click here to enlarge
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        I'm looking forward to the new dyno results Click here to enlarge
        ohh so hes v5 tuned now i take it
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