• Happy Holidays from BimmerBoost - BMS JB4 Giveaway contest for the N54!

      BimmerBoost is going to be giving away a brand new BMS JB4 for the holidays! That's right, you read correctly, we are giving away a free JB4 to one lucky user! We want to show our appreciation to all our users by doing something special for them over the holidays as well as celebrate our first holiday season. We want to thank you all for making BimmerBoost successful early on by giving back to the community.

      So how do you enter?

      You must have a garage set up showing you have an N54 based vehicle. Entries without a setup garage with picture will not be considered valid.

      You enter by posting in this thread. You gain 1 entry for every rep point you earn after your post that enters you in this thread. You earn rep points by making posts and creating relevant threads.

      For example, you post you wish to enter in this thread. You have 1 rep point at the time of posting. At the close of the contest, you have 11 rep points. That means you have 10 entries! The more rep points you earn, the more entries you get. Your own effort improves your chances of winning. Does not get any sweeter than that. For details on rep points and how to earn them, see this page: Reputation System

      Note: Reputation for referrals is disabled during the time of the contest as people will no doubt abuse it having friends sign up or making dupe accounts themselves. Reputation will not be rounded up.

      How long will the contest go for?

      Until Christmas Day, Pacific Standard Time (may be extended until New Years Day depending on popularity).

      What is the JB4?

      The JB4 is an upgrade to the JB3 that replaces it's control box with a new much more technically capable box. The new box features 5x the processing power, 2x the memory, better signal conditioning, a more robust power supply, integrated CAN communications, and additional inputs and outputs for future use. CAN specifically is the largest improvement allowing access to hundreds of new parameters, commands, and potential tuning features. In place so far on the alpha are in dash gauges, shift light, built in code reading/deleting, steering wheel controls, on the fly map switching with confirmation, a completely new CAN based boost control system, cold oil protection, built in DPFIX, etc. Additional features currently under development include autotuning to optimize power and safety on an ongoing basis, drag launch mode, adaptive PID to optimize boost targeting, progressive meth mapping, and many more to come.

      Enjoy! And happy holidays from

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      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        ^ Can we get you to create a new thread in the N54 section with your impressions?
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        Sure. I will make one within the next couple of days. Just took the car for a testdrive yesterday, this morning was a commute trip with my wife in the passenger seat, so not really a moment to try 13 psi boosts Click here to enlarge