• comparison: BMW E92 M3 vs. Mercedes C63 AMG vs. Audi RS5 did a comparison between the three heavyweights in the luxury sport sedan class. The video has a rather slow, almost awkward pacing to it so just skip to the 6:00 mark if you want to see the good stuff. Once again, no performance numbers but they conclude that the M3 and C63 are both quicker than the RS5, which they are. The video is subtitled in English, enjoy.

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        I liked this. I felt the two were biased (AMG and M3) but the RS5 dude managed to be unbiased... although it would have been better if all three got to drive all three cars. Then again, I cant wait for the reviews on the V8TT from AMG to start on the C63 end because I think that is going to change alot of things, including making the C63 a much more tuning-attractive platform.
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        RS5 is a nice looking car, but for the money you can get better overall performance; elsewhere.
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        What, RS5 loses another comparo?

        Footie, that can't be?!?!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by M3_WC Click here to enlarge
        What, RS5 loses another comparo?

        Footie, that can't be?!?!
        He will just say it was because they didn't test them in the wet.