• Mercedes invites BMW, Audi, VW, and Porsche to compete with them in Formula 1

      Mercedes flat out dominated the 2014 Formula 1 season. They wrapped up the manufacturer championship by securing the Constructor's title with three races to spare. It was a dominant showing and Mercedes-AMG is flexing a little muscle by saying they welcome competition from other German manufacturers.

      Daimler's CEO Dieter Zetsche stated in an interview with German Publication Sport Bild on competition in Formula that, "Other German manufacturers very welcome." Now that is direct a translation from German but what he is saying is that BMW, Audi, VW, and Porsche are welcome to try to compete.

      Will anyone respond to this? Audi is already positioning itself for a Formula 1 effort. Porsche will be doing the Le Mans racing so they are not going to go head to head with a VW sibling. VW itself will focus on WRC and other areas of racing.

      That leaves BMW. Bernie Ecclestone prodded BMW last year for a return saying it was likely. BMW's board of directors was set to evaluate BMW's return to Formula 1 earlier this year but that story died quickly without resolution. BMW is likely still evaluating this.

      What will likely happen is that BMW will first supply motors before a full fledged effort if they even do. BMW is all about keeping costs low and maximizing profit so they do not do much involving competition at the highest level or take pride in competition these days.

      That is why Mercedes can easily get away with inviting them to compete. It is essentially a call out but with accountants running BMW they would sooner meet you at the bank than at the racetrack. Hopefully Audi gives Mercedes a challenge.


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      1. auaq's Avatar
        auaq -
        Not sure if Audi is willing to leave Le Mans sport or sports car racing to be honest. Porsche is already busy at Le mans so both of these brand are out. Again I don't think we will see BMW back too soon. VW on the other hand can if they want to. They can start out as an engine supplier only. Maybe? ....
      1. elsabor67's Avatar
        elsabor67 -
        There is talk that the former Ferrari chef that now works for Audi, Domenicali, is allegedly doing a feasibility study for VW to enter F1.

        Article is in the F1 section of Motorsport dot com