• Here is a black 2015 F82 M4 dropped on 20 inch brushed aluminum HRE RS103 wheels

      As more and more F82 M4's get out into the wild owners are going to want to set their cars apart from others. Among the first mods for a brand new car are wheels. Among the first wheels to go on a brand new M car is a model from HRE and for good reason. Quality cars deserve quality rims and HRE long ago established itself as a premium wheel option. This particular black M4 gets a set of brushed aluminum HRE RS103 wheels.

      TAG Motorsports did the work and dropped the car slightly. It also looks like it needs some window tint to finish the look and maybe the braked calipers painted a different color for a more seamless look but this is nitpicking. It does not take much more than a nice set of rims and a small drop to get the M4 looking hot.

      Enjoy the pictures:

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      1. bobS's Avatar
        bobS -
        very very very nice! I love this style wheel on the m4 Click here to enlarge
      1. ezec63's Avatar
        ezec63 -
        Nice ! but sorry f80 M3 door is way sexier with those rear fenders. the f80 i like a mild c63 black series four door with those rear fenders. M4 coupe is nice and i like driving the coupe better since it gives more of a sport car feel but the 4 door is much hotter. They flipped last gen e92 was the better looking M
      1. black bnr32's Avatar
        black bnr32 -
        how much money you getting from HRE for this ad?
      1. dblrguy's Avatar
        dblrguy -
        They are a supporting vendor and this is their post. Careful, your jealousy is showing...
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by black bnr32 Click here to enlarge
        how much money you getting from HRE for this ad?
        What's wrong with HRE posting pictures of their rims on new M cars? The car is hot, the rims are hot, and yes HRE advertises here. They don't request articles like this I put it up because I felt the car looked great and because it involved the new M4. Sorry that bothers you.