• Mansory E70 X5 M

      We don't have many details on this X5 as Mansory has not provided any official details. As a matter of fact, Mansory does not even claim to have any packages for BMW's. Yet, here we have photos of a Mansory kit on an X5 M. We wish we had more details of this mystery X5 M and the tuning package from Mansory, but this all we were able to find. From the looks of it, the car has modified fenders as well as a new hood, front/rear bumpers, and a modified exhaust. The Mansory wheels also complete the look.

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      1. ScrotieMcBoogerBalls's Avatar
        ScrotieMcBoogerBalls -
        At first,
        Iw as like "meh".
        But now I like it.
      1. MSpiredM3's Avatar
        MSpiredM3 -
        I like it minus the wheels and the exhaust. The exhaust belongs on a MB.
      1. skoot3r's Avatar
        skoot3r -
        get rid of those LEDs and vents on the fenders and it would look better imo
      1. Scorpion's Avatar
        Scorpion -
        It looks like something you would expect to see in Jurassic Park haha, not bad.