• Enco Exclusive E71 BMW X6 M

      The tuner Enco Exclusive gives us their take on the BMW X6. They gives the car a widebody look with modified fenders and sideskirts. The front and rear bumpers are modified as well, name the rear, to account for the interesting exhaust. The custom exhaust is moved up to under the hatch in a style that somewhat resembles the Carrera GT. We don't really feel it works on the X6 but it is different. A set of 23 inch wheels completes the look along with matte black wrapping for the top of the car. Different? Yes. Good? Well.. we leave that part up to you.

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      1. Wild-Speed's Avatar
        Wild-Speed -
        Not feeling it.

        The black roof is ok though Click here to enlarge
      1. 05m3smg's Avatar
        05m3smg -
        Yea not feeling it.
      1. fundahl's Avatar
        fundahl -
        The wheels are lame too.....

        If we could take that engine and stuff it in the middle of an M1..........
      1. Sinner's Avatar
        Sinner -
        its ok
      1. ScrotieMcBoogerBalls's Avatar
        ScrotieMcBoogerBalls -
      1. c5ry's Avatar
        c5ry -
        I like the X6 but not looking like that