• OE Tuning BMW S1000RR ecu tune results - +12 wheel horsepower

      BimmerBoost discussion tends to be dominated by cars but we often forget BMW has some very awesome motorcycles out there and those enthusiasts also like to tweak and modify their bikes for more performance. It's hard to imagine why anyone would need more power out of the S1000RR considering it's a rocket as it sits capable of an 8.44 @ 161 1/4 mile in stock form. If 193 horsepower is not enough for someone out of the 1.0 liter motor OE Tuning has you covered.

      The bike put down 166 wheel horsepower on a Dynojet which out of a 999cc motor is incredible. OE Tuning squeezed another ~12 whp out of it for a power gain of roughly 8%. Not bad for $695.00 right?

      Map Pack includes: Premium fuel tune, RACE tune (100/105/109 Octane), Original factory stock map. Bike can always be flashed back to the original factory map for service etc. No need to remove ecu and send in for modification (applies to all BMW bikes with BMSK Bosch ECU).
      New BMSX ECU tuning also available with ECU send in.

      To order please contact or +1-818-574-5075.

      This is a S1000RR with a stock motor running mid 8's for those that want to see it: