• Higher Resolution Photos of the Gold X5M everyone is talking about

      We have seen the video of this Gold X5M posted everywhere but now we have some hi-res photos. The X5 making waves is owned by a man named Erik from Moscow. He supposedly has some other gold and chrome cars. This X5 is different in a good way, does not look half as bad the idea sounds on paper.

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      1. 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
        0-60Motorsports -
        Shiny much! Click here to enlarge
      1. 05m3smg's Avatar
        05m3smg -
        would love to see some piks of it that are not so processed.

        Looks good though.
      1. DarkPhantom's Avatar
        DarkPhantom -
        Eh, that looks pretty gross. I'm surprised it doesn't have gold rims to go along with it and a Louis Vuitton interior...