• MPACT East coming July 12, 2014 - BMW, European, and Exotic 1/2 mile side by side racing, car show, and high performance driving event

      Dear East Coast automotive enthusiasts, here is an event you will want to take notice of. MPACT 2014 will be held July 12, 2014 on the East Coast. Where exactly? In Pennsylvania at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond. Yes, as the M in the name denotes BMW's are a central theme of the event but the event has expanded to included many of your favorite Europe and Exotic high performance automobiles.

      So why go? Well unlike some events where it is just a bunch of standing around that gets very boring very quickly the cars will actually be allowed to do what they were designed to do. High performance driving events including 1/2 mile side by side racing on the oval roadcourse, road course track driving instruction, dyno shootout, burnout contest, drift showcase, car show, etc.

      Here are the featured events and attractions within the event:

      • Judged Car Show (Multiple vehicle classes)
      • NASA HPDE Road Course Track Day
      • 1/2 Mile Roll Racing on Tri-Oval (W/ MPH display)
      • Trap Speed Competition ($CASH Prizes to be announced)
      • "Beast of the East" (Someone will take home the bragging rights for 2014)
      • Drift Showcase
      • Dyno w/ HP Shootout ($CASH Prizes)
      • Drift Taxi (Take the ride of your life in the Sarli Motorsports S62 powered Drift Taxi)
      • Burnout Contest (Winner takes home a voucher towards a set of tires)
      • Official MPACT Models
      • Vendor Showcase
      • Product Demonstrations
      • Vendor track sessions
      • Vendor ride-a-longs / Give-a-ways
      • VIP Area
      • Afterparty
      • Multiple Classes / CASH $$ Prizes / Awards

      Sound good? It should because that puts certain BMW shows that I have attended to shame. Entry is $25 per person and the event starts at 10:30 AM EST but if you are participating in the high performance driving events drivers need to be at the track by 7:00 AM EST.

      There will be more details to come as the event gets closer but mark this one down whether you happen to have a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Domestic, Exotic, whatever.

      Feel free to follow the announcements on the MPACT facebook page in the meantime:

      Registration is here:!registration/cn7e

      Get of the computer and go look at some cars in real life! Feel free to message @Jaycent@MPACT with any questions.

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        Jaycent@MPACT -
        I will work on getting list together this week for you guys. Thanks!
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        Jaycent@MPACT -
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        MPACT 2014 Motorsports Festival and Car Show
        Saturday July 12th, 2014
        Pocono Raceway, Long Pond PA
        Visit to Register for event

        Spectator Gates open @ 11:00 am
        (7:00am for registered drivers)
        $25.00 entry per person @ entry gate (cash only)

        ALL BMW, Euro, Exotic, and Performance based vehicles encouraged to attend and participate.
        About the Event...
        MPACT was created by an enthusiast for the enthusiast. The ultimate goal was to bring an event to the east coast that would offer more than the standard "car show" that we have grown accustomed to. MPACT offers an assortment of activities to entice the senses and keep your heart rate up all day long. (don't worry we do still have a judged car show w/ awards) We have a taste of everything for everyone. The BEST PART is: You can choose to Spectate or Participate in the event.
        Official Facebook Event Page: PLEASE SHARE AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS This is where the fastest updates are available.

        Judged Car Show
        Multiple car classes
        BMW - Euro - Exotic - Other - Best of Show - plus many others

        1800' Rolling Start Side by Side Racing on Pocono Tri-Oval front straight
        All Horsepower levels encouraged
        60 mph rolling start / timed and mph printed by SlipStream RE
        "Beast of the East" Champion - Top BMW - Top Euro - Top Exotic - Top Other
        $265.00 per each vehicle / $350.00 after 06/12

        NASA Northeast High Performance Driver Education (Open Track Day) AND Hyperdrive
        HPDE1 Novice- Limited experience. Will be assigned Instructor
        HPDE2 Cleared by Instructor to Solo
        HPDE3 Multiple Track days at different tracks
        HPDE4 Advanced 20+ track days with open passing
        ($200.00 per each vehicle / $275.00 after 06/12)
        HYPERDRIVE: A Mini Track Experience! One classroom session and one on-track session with Instructor
        (Hyperdrive $50.00)

        Official Hotel Group Rates:

        We have 25 group rate rooms set aside at the Lake Harmony Holiday Inn Express which is located 8 miles from Pocono Raceway. USE GROUP RATE CODE (MP1) when booking your rooms.
        They have set aside 2 room types to choose from: (2 Queen Bed and 1 King bed rooms are available) Depending on how fast these rooms book up we will provide back up options as well.

        I will try to set aside a special parking area for our vehicles at the hotel so we do not have to worry about "other v...ehicles" parking nearby. lol Who knows what staying at a Holiday Inn Express the night before MPACT can do for you and your car

        See you at MPACT 2014!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Jaycent@MPACT Click here to enlarge
        I will work on getting list together this week for you guys. Thanks!
        Ever get that list up yet? Im following on FB and IG but curious if i missed it
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        couple more days!

        Click here to enlarge
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        @bobS How did this thing go ?
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        I had to ditch it because my birthday was Saturday and my wife planned a big party for me, and I had a minor issue with the car. I did run the day before at the slipstream event and my car ran well. I had a ton of fun and was hitting 145 mph at the end of 1600 ft.

        My plan was to originally stay for the morning mpact roll event but i had a issue on my last run on Friday with my front fender lining coming loose on a run and grinding/burning on my tire and ultimately shredding the lining/tire pressure sensor. I cut out the rest of the lining but decided not to run anymore.

        I heard mpact was a ton of fun, sorry I missed it but it is what it is...

        Some people told me this years mpact was the best BMW show they have ever attended.
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        Cool, Happy Birthday for the 12th, I was the 10th mate, glad you enjoyed yourself
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by bobS Click here to enlarge
        Some people told me this years mpact was the best BMW show they have ever attended.
        I'm glad to hear this!