• Rumor: BMW considering 6 Series Shooting Brake (Hatchback) ?

      Auto Express is reporting BMW is considering a 6 Series based Shooting Brake which would be unveiled at the Paris auto show. This would share the drivetrain options that the 6 series coupe would have so N55 6 cylinder and N63 V8 twin turbo power. Our main question to BMW regarding this 6 series hatchback is, why?

      What is the point? The USA does not get the 1 series hatchback but all of a sudden a 6 series hatch is being considered? Why all these models that make no sense? The 5 series GT is already a slow seller and arguably a failure. Too much overlap is not necessary. How about instead of BMW coming up with new models trying to fill niches that don't exist they deliver the product lineup they already have to the rest of the world? As in, give the USA the M3 GTS and 1 series hatch and keep the 6 series Shooting Brake on the drawing board where it belongs. Oh, and get to work on Z4 M Coupe.

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