• The answer to direct injection fueling limitations/issues may be... combining port injection? KS Tuned/Kaizenspeed BMW N54 port injection manifold

      Those familiar with BMW N54 six-cylinder tuning know that the platform has been held back from achieving its maximum potential by the fueling system. Many turbocharger upgrades from dual to single solutions are available but if you can't get enough fuel into the motor what is the point of having a big turbo? The HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) for the direct injection system has a reputation of providing fueling headaches (or failing altogether) even at modest power levels.

      With direct injection the high pressure needed to inject large amounts of fuel in a short window (that gets smaller as revs go up) requires some seriously powerful fuel pumps. Thus far in the time the N54 motor has been the market (which is approaching a decade) no tuner has delivered a fully functional direct injection HPFP or LPFP solution to support the largest turbo options.

      It isn't easy (and tuners are working on making it happen with the direct injection system) but some are going outside the direct injection fuel system altogether. That is what you see here from KS Tuned / Kaizenspeed. Their solution is a port injection manifold which supplies extra fuel. Some may call this a band-aid or not a proper solution but if it works it certainly is much better than no solution at all.

      Keep in mind there are cars on the market that use both port and direct injection successfully. The most obvious example is the Toyota 86 platform which is produced by Subaru as the BRZ model and Toyota as the Scion FR-S. This chassis uses a Subaru designed 2.0 liter four-cylinder motor known as the FA20.

      Direct injection allows a fairly high 12.5:1 compression ratio thanks to the cylinder cooling effects as well as a leaner tune for fuel efficiency. Working in conjunction with the direct injection system four 205 cc Denso port injectors that supply additional fuel. Essentially a balance between a fuel efficiency design and enough fuel to make power is struck. This same sort of solution may be the answer for the N54.

      The problem though is what will control the additional injectors and coordinate with the direct injection system on the N54? Pro-Efi announced over a year ago they were working on this yet thus far no positive results have been shown. CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering) is also working on a port injection solution. Additionally, Defiv is also working on hardware for a port injection system. The problem wont' be the hardware here as much as the tuning to get a system never designed with a dual injection fuel system in mind to function.

      Does KS Tuned have the answer? We will have to wait and see. Making a computer model is easy, applying a design in real life is something else entirely. At lest we know more people are working on the N54 fuel system and eventually a solution will be available. The main question being how long is eventually.

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        This is extremely interesting, as it would be very cool to have such a solution, but if there are other solutions coming that implement the DI system....well I'm just excited to see the potential. N54/N55 stuff in general is way more exciting than the same old S63 powered car with exhaust, HREs, and tints. So anything new and interesting in this space should be interesting.

        Costs don't have to be too crazy with this so long as the controller is kept within reason. That's the hard part, really. But even so...I'd love to see what kind of numbers this could support.
        Off topic - but why do i keep seeing people referring to tinted windows as "tints?"
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        Off topic - but why do i keep seeing people referring to tinted windows as "tints?"
        Because it's shorter than typing tinted windows Click here to enlarge
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        I like how everyone says "band-aids" like there is an actual HPFP solution in the works. Nobody has proven anything yet with any sort of HPFP upgrades, and in the long term it seems like that'll be the limitation.

        Look at how far newer cars have developed and exponential speeds to our platform. Its because a majority of people are content with simple bolt on power, and only the minority are willing to take the risks of extreme modification and fabrication.
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        Because it's shorter than typing tinted windows Click here to enlarge
        Its actually longer, most people just say "tint."