• S85 V10 production comes to an end?

      Autocar is reporting that the BMW M6 has ended production and the S85 has met its demise as a result. To be perfectly honest, Autocar hasn't had the most reliable info as of late. We also find it surprising that BMW would not do a press release for the end of the M6 and S85 production run. BMW did see fit to offer a press release to officially document that the E60 M5 ended production.

      Obviously, the current generation 6 series is coming to an end with the successor to be revealed in September at the Paris Auto Show. Before we put a fork in the S85, we just want to hear it from BMW first hand, not from Autocar, who claimed there would not be a next generation M6.

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        DarkPhantom -
        It is and has been a damn good engine. The tuners out there have churned out oodles of power from it. Sad to see it coming to an end, as the future probably doesn't have large displacement engines in mind.

        ...still don't mind a TT V8 Click here to enlarge
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        Sticky -
        We haven't seen the best the S85 has to offer yet.
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        Cool pic!!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        We haven't seen the best the S85 has to offer yet.
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        I got mine.