• Broken Track Rod in final hour costs BMW Motorsport Victory at Spa

      BMW Motorsport finished in third and fourth place at the Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours. Normally, this would be considered a great result in a field that was so tightly packed. However, BMW led the race for over 20 hours. A victory was all but assured as the leading BMW had a 2 lap margin on the trailing Porsche. Suddenly the left-front track rod gave out and the M3 crashed into the barriers. The damage was repaired in the pits but by that time the lead was lost with no time left to recoup it.

      This is a huge disappointment for a BMW team that dominated the race. The M3's even ran 1st and 2nd at one point before conditions became very harsh. Even with the 3rd place finish BMW still has the most victories at this endurance race with 21 to its name.

      What the drivers had to say:

      Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Werner (Car 79)
      The disappointment is huge. I had already slowed down, so as not to take any risks and bring us home safely in first place, when the track rod suddenly broke and landed me in the crash barriers. I made it back into the pits, but the victory was gone. The car was really class, particularly in dry conditions. We really had a great race until the last 40 minutes
      Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Mueller (Car 79)
      We worked very well together as a team over the weekend. Our car ran without any technical problems and we were able to complete what we set out to achieve. What happened next is something I have never experienced before in my life. We mastered the challenges of Spa very well with just three drivers.
      Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Adorf (Car 79)
      t was very special for me to be able to race for BMW at this classic. Initially the weather did not play ball. However, when it dried out again we produced a great performance. I had brilliant team-mates and we did not make any mistakes. Had we had the mishap in the third hour of the race, we could have caught up. So close to the end of the race, there is simply nothing you can do about it.
      Quote Originally Posted by Jorg Mueller (Car 78)
      This race really was not easy. Firstly, the air conditioning in the cockpit did not function correctly, which made it really tiring for us drivers. Despite this, we still found our rhythm and consistently made up ground over the course of the race. This was my third 24-hour race this year, and I have to say: this race was the toughest of them all
      Quote Originally Posted by Pedro Lamy (Car 78)
      The start phase did not go to plan for us. Two long stops for repairs cost us time, which we were unable to make up over the course of the race. That is a real shame, as we could have achieved a lot with this car. That is racing. Sometimes you can dominate proceedings and still not end up on the top of the podium. The pendulum is bound to swing back in our direction.
      Quote Originally Posted by Uwe Alzen (Car 78)
      That was one of the toughest races of my career. We had a few problems with the air supply in the cockpit. This made the Spa circuit, which is already a tiring one, an even greater challenge. After the long pit stops at the start of the race, we fought back brilliantly. I feel very sorry for my team-mates in the other car, who were denied victory so close to the end of the race.

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        So who was 1st & 2nd? Porsche?
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        So who was 1st & 2nd? Porsche?
        Yes, shut up, they got lucky.
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        Yes, shut up, they got lucky.
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        Damn, I wish I could have seen the race. Those BMW Motorsport M3 are 1 Bad-ass mo-fo's.
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        Dammit, always something like this, even when we're so close Click here to enlarge