• ESS Tuning VT2-625 supercharged E92 M3 versus Evolve Automotive E600 supercharged E92 M3

      The reality is performance between supercharger kits on the E9X M3 S65 V8 with stock internals is all going to be relatively close. The differentiating factors are going to be the pulley and boost, tuning, fuel, transmission, etc. The Vortech based kits like the ESS VT2 car here will all hit relatively similar peak numbers. The main difference the Evolve kit offers is a Rotrex based supercharger kit which gives a different torque curve that is definitely a bit fatter in the mid range.

      So how do the two stack up in the real world? From a 45 mile per hour roll the Evolve kit hit a peak speed of 136.52 miles per hour and the ESS VT2-625 kit hit 133.92. Close, but 2.6 miles per hour is 2.6 miles per hour so the Evolve kit edges out the ESS kit up top. Now, with a pulley swap certainly the ESS kit could change the outcome here. Then the same goes for the Evolve kit also changing the pulley used for some more boost. Make of that back and forth what you will.

      It would have been nice to see these two cars run from a stop as they are on a drag strip. Why that race did not take place so we could see a timeslip providing more data than just a peak velocity BimmerBoost does not know. Both cars are DCT models. Enjoy the video below.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Ging Click here to enlarge
        No biggy but you final got that dct holding your cars grunt?
        We will see shortly. Click here to enlarge
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        We're updating LM's kit to the E625 right now. Ill have the before and after dynos from E600-E625 upgrade as soon as its done. Im sure LM will do the obligatory before and after comparison on a DJ dyno as well just for comparisons sake.

        Im curious to see how the vortech kits do vs the rotrex once everyone is on the same boost pressure and equal traction a la @ pocono raceway in a few weeks:
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        A before and after graph should suffice.