• BMW teases the 2014 F22 2-Series - Official debut set for later this week on October 25th

      Despite the LA Auto Show coming up next month it seems BMW wants to debut the 2-Series early online. That is the practice automakers are adopting and BMW released this teaser video below to get our mouths watering over the new baby BMW. This will be the first ever BMW 2-Series but basically it is the spiritual successor to the E82 1-Series for those in the USA. Expect 220i, 228i, and 235i models with likely an M235i to go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG.

      Just over five months ago the M235i was spotted basically undisguised so the public is already aware of the 2-Series design elements. Despite this BMW still wants to maximize exposure with the teaser video you see below. We'll have all the official details and pictures in just a couple days, sit tight.

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      1. mjmarovi's Avatar
        mjmarovi -
        I really like it. I think with a good set of wheels, slightly lowered, and a couple CF parts it's gonna be sick looking street car. Can't wait to see an M2!
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        klipseracer -
        I saw dirt.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by klipseracer Click here to enlarge
        I saw dirt.
        Same here. lame teaser.
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        G0TB00ST? -
        Ok am I missing something? What's the hype about? It's just a 1 series with a 2 badge on it now. On a side note when ever I hear anything about the 2series the first thought that comes to mind is poop...
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        I wonder how far they had to drive to find a deserted gas station that still has a working pay phone!
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