• The E60 M5 shows it is capable of serious all motor naturally aspirated performance, bolt on M5 goes 11.5@122 in the 1/4 mile

      Yes, this is and we have all become a bit obsessed with forced induction and big power numbers. Sometimes we forget just how quick the naturally aspirated high revving M cars were. Here is a great example of all motor capability with an owner taking his bolt on E60 M5 to the drag strip and managing a very impressive 11.579@122.24 1/4 mile run. That is with a 1.790 60 foot on the notoriously difficult to launch SMG III transmission (ESS SMG software helps) not a new fancy dual clutch. Oh, and also with 1700+ density altitude so it is not the weather skewing the result here.

      This is a 5.0 liter V10 with natural aspiration. No turbos, no boost, in a not exactly lightweight luxury sedan. The S85 is capable of going door to door and even edging out the new F10 M5. The advantage for the new M5 being that adding power is as simple as getting a tune and raising boost thanks for the turbos.

      Whatever side you stand on regarding the naturally aspirated versus turbocharged M motor debate there is no denying BMW built some incredibly impressive past M motors. A 5.0 liter V10 revving over 8000 rpm in a four door sedan? The only other place to get a comparable motor would be from Lamborghini and fitting four of your friends in to go for a ride in a Gallardo does not exactly sound comfortable.

      Nice results by BimmerBoost member @KenL, slip below.


      Evolve Tubular Headers w/SwainTech ceramic coating
      FluidMotorUnion Custom Tune
      FluidMotorUnion Custom Exhaust Dumps
      FluidMotorUnion Custom Velocity Stacks
      RPI GTS Exhaust Sections 1,2 and 3
      RPI Pulley
      RPI Scoops
      BMC Filters
      RPI Oil Cooler
      3.91 Ring and Pinion
      Sprint Booster
      ESS SMG Upgrade
      Eibach Springs
      Voltphreaks VPH900 Battery
      Hoosier 315/30-18 Drag Radials, Hoosier 245/45-18 A6
      Apex Arc-8 18x11, 18x9.5

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        Eeeking out more horsepower at this point is going to be tough. You could always bore the throttle bodies or look into the Schrick cams + extending the redline.

        My advice would be to boost it and show some real power.

        Anyone adding a turbo to the S85 ? That would be sick great (once you redesign the whole front of the M5)
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        Anyone adding a turbo to the S85 ? That would be sick great (once you redesign the whole front of the M5)
        It's been done outside the E60 or E63 body. Power potential would be similar to a Gallardo.

        Doing it in that engine bay is going to be tough and I don't know anybody working on it.