• BimmerBoost E9X Tuner Shootout Date Change - August 28-29

      BimmerBoost is pushing the dyno event back to accomodate ESS. Note, Asbjorn, the tuner for ESS, is in Europe and is going to be there through the date originally scheduled. He said he would be willing to fly out if necessary which we truly appreciate. The cost of forcing him to fly out for a weekend and then fly back just isn't fair or something we should realistically expect him to do.

      Several other tuners have expressed that they appreciate the additional time as does BimmerBoost. We are working out the details on the time necessary to read the stock files to have the event go smoothly and exactly as scheduled.

      We would also like to announce that Powerchip has asked to participate in every portion of the event. This means they will be added to the N54 and Diesel portions. This event is now going to completely represent the best of the best on every platform.

      BimmerBoost is also allowing any vendors who want to set up booths outside the freedom to do so. Since we have rented the entire facility and the associated space for the weekend we will allow any of vendors to set up booths if they desire in the parking lot at no cost to them. If any other vendors wish to participate, please e-mail

      The cost for spectators remains $10. If any other members would like to dyno, since we have rented two dynos, we can accomodate a limited amount of members for only $20 on the dynapack which is just an amazing price for dyno pulls. This will accommodate 2wd and 4wd cars. The dynojet is reserved for those participating in the shootout.

      Please check the original post for further details: BimmerBoost Dyno Shootout Details

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