• BimmerPost/E90post willingly engaging in KW coil-over Defect Cover Up

      I just happened to be browsing coil-over options when I noticed yet another user mentioning issues with his KW coil-overs:

      Minutes later, the thread was deleted and the user was banned for posting his experience:

      Now, there are several issues with the KW V1's and KW coil-over's in general, reports of the squeaking/rattle and issues with the perches:

      It is the responsibility of any forum to allow users to post their experience to inform other users before making a purchase. Bimmerpost is protecting vendors who have an inventory of these coil-overs at the expense of the users, literally. It is shady, dirty, deliberate, and just plain wrong. If any vendor asks for a board to delete messages about a defective product to move inventory, they should be exposed for it, not protected.

      This user asked for help, said KW and the vendor were not helpful in resolving his issues, and was banned for it in order to protect profits. BimmerBoost will not stand for this and will not allow them to get away with it.

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