• HPF (horsepower freaks) Stage 2 M3 S54 turbo 137-139 mph 1/4 mile traps disproved

      We have seen many users and HPF fans alike on various BMW forums touting the 139 mph trap speed achieved by Evil Twin Robs HPF Stage 2 M3 at the Spokane Motorsports Drag Strip.

      Often when there would be a conflict or questions as to how fast an HPF car is these 137-139 mph trap speeds would be used to prop up HPF cars when keyboard racing. Recently, Evil Twin Rob ran at this same track after the suspect timing equipment had been replaced and his traps were over 10 mph less than what was achieved before. This large of a variance shows the previous suspect times were inflated and not accurate. The track was not NHRA approved when the runs were made.

      For the record, Evil Twin Rob has done nothing wrong and is an absolutely stand up guy. However, these 137-139 trap speed runs can no longer be used as accurate representation of the HPF Stage 2's capabilities. It seems we have a clear explanation now of how a Stage 2 could be out trapping Stage 2.5's as well as having such a large variance from other Stage 2's. This is in no way the fault of Evil Twin Rob and we commend him for actually taking his car to a drag strip and stimulating a large batch of discussion on the capabilities of HPF cars.

      For whatever reason, something happened to the timing equipment at Spokane after 2006. This run was made by Evil Twin Rob in 2006 on race gas:

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      This is fairly accurate we believe for what a Stage 2 is capable of, 132 mph.

      These runs were made in September of 2008 after something happened to the timing equipment, also on race gas:

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      These are the most recent runs on pump gas with meth after the timing equipment was replaced at Spokane:

      Even if he ran on race gas and meth he would not pick up an additional 13 mph in the trap and at most would be approaching the 132 he hit earlier. BimmerBoost commends Rob for going out to the strip and sharing these results for the benefit of the BMW community and not hiding them to attempt to make his car look stronger on paper than it is in reality.

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