• ALMS 2013 - BMW remains in second place after poor showing at Mosport (Canadian Grand Prix) - Chevrolet wins and increases points lead

      Despite BMW cheating this year in ALMS (call it what you want, BMW does not sell a Z4M road car) BMW was not able to get another victory with their Z4 GTE race car. As you should remember, the Z4 GTE replaced the M3 in order to shift the balance of power back to BMW and away from Corvette Racing who beat BMW last year. Well, it isn't going as smoothly as BMW hoped and despite BMW's victory at the previous Grand Prix at Lime Rock the Corvette team took the victory this past weekend in Canada.

      Frankly, good for Chevrolet as they at least sell a street car resembling what is raced. Yes, this site is for BMW enthusiasts but the fact everyone else is racing with a car one can buy a street version of means BMW is not respecting the spirit of the rules and competition. BMW is now complaining they don't have enough straightline speed to compete. What, you need more bending of rules of BMW? Good for you Corvette Racing, give 'em hell.

      Chevrolet increases its points lead over BMW to 10 points (95 to 85) with five races remaining in the season. The Corvettes finished in 1st and 4th place and the SRT-Viper is coming on strong finishing 2nd and 3rd. BMW finished 5th and 6th.

      We are now at the mid-point of the season. Results and current point standings below.

      Gordon McDonnell (BMWNA Motorsport Manager):
      “Despite an excellent, mistake-free effort by BMW Team RLL we were denied a chance at the Mosport podium. The next circuits we face will not be any easier, so we will have to redouble our efforts to keep us in the hunt for the championship.”

      Dirk Müller (BMW Z4 GTE – car number 56):
      “I was hoping for more for sure. It was a tough day. We did everything right. Joey did a great job. The team did a great job, but we couldn’t defend. P5, P6 was the best we could do. I was hoping for a podium, but we collected the points and stayed clean. Not one touch to the cars. No penalties. We still have a long season ahead and we’ll fight every lap.”

      Joey Hand (BMW Z4 GTE – car number 56):

      “I was very happy to come back to this programme. It was good to see all the boys, all my team-mates. The car this weekend was the best I’ve had here, but it picked up a lot of understeer towards the end of the race. I think the track rubbered up and as the rear got better it created a ton of understeer. I definitely earned those points. I will miss Road America, my favourite track, and come back for Baltimore.”

      Bill Auberlen (BMW Z4 GTE – car number 55):

      “This is what we suspected would happen. We could race – and win – at the slower speed tracks. Mosport indeed showed we don’t have the straightline speed.”

      Maxime Martin (BMW Z4 GTE – car number 55):

      “Without doubt it was not an easy race for us. With the lack of speed to our competitors it is really difficult to defend during the race. So we have a good car during one lap, but that does not win a race.”

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