• BimmerBoost E9X (S65, N54, Diesel) Tuner Dyno Day Shootout Details - 7/31/10 - 8/1/10

      BimmerBoost is proud to announce it will be hosting a third party tuner dyno comparison at DC Performance on the weekend of July 31st. We have picked this venue as DC Performance was quick to get back to us and eager to facilitate. The facility is large, able to accommodate all the tuners and spectators as well as having two dynos which will allow tuning to take place even if the dynojet is in use.

      We want to make it clear this event is taking place thanks to the suggestion and encouragement of ESS who asked for a third party dyno comparison with all the competitors in one place at the same time. BimmerBoost was able to make this happen and get practically every major player involved and we want to thank the participants for being so enthusiastic about it.

      The event will be split into two days, with the N54's and Diesels participating on Saturday, July 21st, and the S65 M3's participating on Sunday, August 1st. BimmerBoost will be providing accommodations free of charge for those tuners who are coming from out of state, MHP, ESS, etc.

      Each tuner will have 1 hour with the same stock car on pump fuel. The order in which the tuners will participate has been chosen randomly by me. Additionally, tuners own vehicles will be participating in order to set peak numbers. Here is the preliminary schedule:

      Saturday, July 31:

      Stock Automatic N54 335i 91 octane

      9:00 AM - CP-E
      10:00 AM - OE Tuning
      11:00 AM - ESS
      12:00 PM - BMS

      N54's Already Modified:

      1:00 PM - Boost3d's V4 Procede, Brian135's V4 Procede, BMS 135 Nitrous.

      335d provided by Ronin:

      2:00-4:00 PM - BMS JBD, DTUK, OE-Tuning, possibly MHP.

      If overtime is needed, this may spill into the next day to give everyone a fair chance.

      Sunday, August 1:

      Stock E9X M3, 91 octane:

      9:00 AM - MHP
      10:00 AM - Powerchip
      11:00 AM - ESS
      12:00 PM - OE Tuning

      Supercharged E9X M3's:

      1:00 - Gintani Cars
      2:00 - ESS Cars
      3:00 - G-power

      1 hour Additional time for tuners to potentially be added: (Active Autowerke, GIAC)

      BimmerBoost Tuner Shootout

      When? July 31st and August 1st, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

      Where? DC Performance 3370 South Livonia Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034

      Cost? $10 each day for spectators which includes lunch and drinks. There will be a screen set up to show the results. If you wish to reserve your spot now, say so in the thread and send a paypal payment to All others will pay cash at the door.

      Watch this thread for further updates.

      Note: This is part 1 of a two part event. The second part will be a roll on racing event which will be held in October.

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