• RB/ Rob Beck N54 (335/135) Turbo Upgrade Dyno Numbers - 493 whp

      As some of you know my stock turbos started blowing oil awhile ago and Iíve been searching for an alternative to putting new stock ones on.As luck would have it, RB had a set ready to go so I jumped all over it. Surprise!

      All I can say is these things feel awesome. Iíve been running around 17-18psi on the street on meth and pump and its great. Time was limited on the dyno and I wanted to see what she would do in race trim. Thatís 20psi and race gas. So I had BMS set me up with some settings and I did a few runs. The first couple of runs got messed up as the ignition coil signal was not secure and the dyno would stop recording. After they moved it I got a couple runs at ~20psi and then raised the boost up a touch to ~21psi, just to see how much room was left. At 21psi I actually hit the JB3 safety limiter at around 5800rpm and the dyno operator let off (oops!) but I think you all can see these turbos can hold a lot more than ~21psi if you want. The torque curve is nice and flat and air/fuel is spot on. I am probably going to keep it at ~20psi now on race days until I get bored. The JB3 log reads a touch higher than a mechanical gauge I tested and this is the log of the ~20psi run. Baseline is on map 0 and meth off but still on RB turbos and race gas.
      My mods are: RB Turbo's-of course| JB3 2.0|BMS DCI|Stett w/synapse|Coolingmist Meth|RissRacing DP's|Helix FMIC|RPI Ram Air scoops|Rissracing OilCatch Can|Wavetrac LSD
      Special thanks to Rob for helping me get in to these a little early, allowing us to get going. Big Thaks to Terry for helping me get the tuning setup right. Now to find a way to shave 300+# off my car and start doing some tracktesting. :burnrubber:

      493 whp graph:

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