• Frozen Grey M3 Sold out in 15 minutes - Proves USA is Hungry for Special Edition M3

      15 minutes after lines opened to reserve the Limited Edition Frozen Grey M3 the 30 vehicles were all spoken for. We would like to remind BMW this happened in the economy they did not feel it was feasible to sell the CSL and GTS in.

      Larry Koch, BMWNA M Brand Managers, made the following statement, "We leapt at the chance to bring this truly special vehicle to the United States." You leapt at the chance to throw together existing packages and offer a very nice BMW individual paint and interior for over $77k? These cars are being portrayed as special so there won't be any negotiating in the price so essentially it is just a quick $2.5 million for BMW without the added cost of needing to bring a "real" limited edition M3 to the USA.

      Now, this is a nice package but we would advise anyone in the market to simply add the packages to a standard M3 and get themselves a nice discount at the same time. If they really desire, there are several other paint jobs that one can get through BMW individual of which there are far less than 30 of in the USA.

      Larry Koch went on to say, The Frozen Gray M3 is a striking work of sculpture, speed, and style, and perfectly marks the 25th birthday of the M3 model. Im personally thrilled to see that our customers are as excited about it as we are. We filled the thirty reservation slots within twelve minutes and took the names of at least fifty alternates in the first hour. The 2011 Frozen Gray M3 Coupe will be one of the most unique BMW vehicles ever imported to the US."

      Now, this statement basically holds true to the standard M3 as well which is a striking work of sculpture, speed, and style. That is exactly what this is, a standard M3, with a different paint color than normally available. It is not really special however I do agree with him that this is one of the most unique BMW vehicles ever imported to the US. That isn't something to be happy about, it is sad.

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