• BimmerBoost Welcomes OE Tuning

      We are pleased to announce our newest supporting vendor, OE Tuning!

      OE Tuning is a performance vehicle tuner located in Southern California. OE does a variety of various tuning applications across all kinds of platforms. You are most likely familiar with them without even knowing it as OE tuning powers some of the quickest and fastest BMW's and Mercedes in the USA. OE also frequently works in partnership with Gintani offering tunes for anything from NA cars to custom forced induction applications.

      You will all get an overview of OE Tuning's capabilities at the BimmerBoost tuner comparison in which OE will be participating and offering a tune for EVERY vehicle in the comparison. OE literally has tunes for every european performance vehicle, gas, diesel, whatever.

      Most recently, OE Tuning came out with a revolutionary product in the German Performance scene called EZ Flash which you can read about here: and here:

      If you have any tuning needs, OE Tuning can be reached at this number: 818-574-5075 and their website address is:

      Thank you OE Tuning for supporting BimmerBoost and welcome!

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