• DCT Build Part V - Brand New Clutch Discs Completed

      The new clutch discs have been completed. SSP will be offering two levels of upgrades, 600 hp and 700 hp, for all BMW DCT transmissions currently on the market. What you see here is the 700 hp setup that will be going in my car. The material is a brand new Kevlar Carbon Composite and that is all I can say about it. This material has been used in some *big* torque applications.

      You might be asking yourself, only 700 hp capacity? Well, the rating is extremely conservative as the stock tranny can survive (barely) at that power level. The issue is the longevity. SSP is quoting these things will survive for some time with 700 hp unlike the factory discs. Additionally, we are going test this setup in my car first which will be well over 700 hp and then an even higher capacity setup will be offered but it will utilize more discs similar to what SSP offers for the Nissan GTR. More info and more pics of the transmission to come later this week.

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