• CES Stage 3 E36 car hits 11's @ 132


      CES Motorsport Stg 3 Turbo system running @ 18psi.
      GT35R Turbo
      CES Ported AA manifold
      50# inj. AA tune
      CES Custom 70/30 Water/Meth Kit.
      Built S52 Internals
      AA cutring hg with low compression copper spacer + arp 2000 studs.
      3:64 Euro Diff.
      Nitto 555 245/17's

      Additional Info from CES:

      Quote Originally Posted by CES Motorsports
      Hello all! Thanks for the welcome and for the referral to your site. A little info about the system we are running is what was asked for, so here is some more background on what we offer.

      The current setup on the car that ran the times yest. is our GT series turbo system which runs a GT35R with .82 exhaust housing, full 3" custom CES Exhaust system/intercooler piping, CES ported AA manifold and AA software. We market the same kit as a stg 1, 2, or 3 depending on what power level is wanted, using all of the same main components. Stg 1 runs on a stock compression motor, 42# injectors and makes about 360-380whp@9psi. Stg 2 is identical, but runs with a lower compression hg and makes 430-450whp@15psi. Stg 3 is recommended for built internals applications and is the current setup on the car that ran the track yest with the 50# inj tune and easily makes 500+whp@18psi. The stg 3 system uses a custom water/meth kit that really helps maintain consistency and power levels, and pushes the power levels up to over 530whp@18psi which is what our car was set at while at the track yest. We have gone to 20psi and pushed over 550whp, but the air/fuels are a bit on the unsafe side since the 50# injectors are pretty much at their limit witih the current map in the DME.

      We will be doing a 60# map soon, and that will probably be the extent that we will push this system with the 35R and AA t3 manifold. I think we will see close to 600whp. We offer these systems as complete kits, as well as custom packages for those interested in upgrades to existing systems, and have tried to keep the pricing as competitive as possible considering what we use in our kits is a bit overkill

      Our newest kits that are almost ready for market utilize the steedspeed manifolds (as seen in some of the pics in previous posts above), which offer tremendous flow and durability, and will be marketed with either the GT35R or Precision billet 62R series turbos... and the next level up will be the GT4094R (also in the pics above) or billet 6765R Precision turbos depending on what power levels a customer wants. We already have a couple of prototype kits on cars, and the performance gains are substantial over the AA cast manifold t3 setups in our current GT series kits. Even with the larger 4094R turbo using the steedspeed mani, the spool time is virtually identical to our 35R and AA manifold kits, so it still maintains incredible "streetability" but with much more power!

      We will have tons more info on our new website, which is under constuction as we speak, but I will be glad to answer any more questions. I'm not a huge forum poster, but I will try to keep up replies as much as time permits

      attached is a dyno graph of the car that ran the track which displays 2 runs. Straight 100octane, and then 100octane + meth. Our car was running 100octane + water/meth at the track. We have since tweaked the setting on the meth system to allow for a little better boost response and probably a bit more power, but 538whp was the last #'s the car put down.

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