• BimmerBoost covers BimmerFest 2013 - Hundreds of pictures/photos and event review

      I attended Bimmerfest 2013 and this was my first time at Bimmerfest. Why you ask? Well, because Tim who owns BimmerFest banned me from the BimmerFest forum once I started BimmerBoost. Well, bygones are bygones (plus BimmerBoost is too big to try to freeze out now) and this year BimmerFest invited BimmerBoost to attend as a VIP Media Sponsor. I accepted the invitation and drove down to the Rose Bowl to check it out. I am glad I did and I simply have to admit the event is phenomenal.

      The sheer size of the event is difficult to capture. It's big, much bigger than I expected. It's bigger than any other BMW event I have ever been to. Honestly, it dwarfs them in the amount of cars, vendors, people, you name it.

      I was told to go to a special side media only entrance but since I showed up at around 11:30 AM due to all the traffic that entrance was closed by that point. So, I squeezed my way in the side of the general entrance and was told to pay $20 for parking. Tim told me my entrance was free so I promptly told the guy at the gate I'm Sticky from After signing a few autographs I was in.

      The event was packed. I mean packed. People everywhere. Cars everywhere. Vendors everywhere. It was an awesome sight to behold. I was impressed and almost a bit jealous. I would be quite satisfied if BimmerBoost or a BimmerBoost event got this big one day. I will be going again but there are some things that can definitely be improved.

      $5 for a soda? Really? And cash only? That means I had to use the ATM which then on top of that charged me $3.50 to get my own money. So I paid $8.50 for a soda. It's definitely a blatant cash grab which somewhat hurts the grassroots community feel it should have. Perhaps getting a bit too commercial for its good?

      Then there was the guy on the loudspeaker reminding everyone to buy T-Shirts every 5 seconds. RELAX. How about talking more about the cars? Instead of informing the crowd what cars were where and what to see we were constantly being told to buy merchandise at every second. Gintani and I waited for hours for him to announce that a new E92 M3 horsepower record was achieved which he promised to do but instead all we kept hearing was where the ATM's were. I thought this was a car show?

      Additionally, the awards were a bit of a farce. The winning modern BMW was, surprise surprise, ESS-Tuning supercharged. Not that there is anything wrong with that but a bit suspect with ESS-Tuning being the headline sponsor. Especially when the M3 which set a new horsepower world record that has been three years in the making does not even get a mention? Or any kind of award? But a dime a dozen ESS supercharged car is rated the best? What kind of judges are these and what do they really know about BMW's, tuning, or the aftermarket?

      These are my only complaints. Other than that, a fantastic show and I look forward to attending next year with BimmerBoost hopefully playing a bigger role. Thanks for the invite Tim, Bimmerfest has come a long way. Congratulations!

      Pictures and further details below. Additional articles regarding products and vendors at Bimmerfest will follow.

      When I say huge I mean huge, tons of cars and people:

      The classics were representing. The silver E9 is just jaw dropping:

      I have dreamt about a swap like this and it seems someone had the same idea and beat me to it. A Honda F20 motor with displacement increased to 2.3 liters with a 9500 rpm redline swapped into a 2002 BMW. Props to you good sir. And check out that plate!

      This guy has a point...

      Of course 1M's were everywhere:

      Very impressive matte paint job on this F10:

      Dakar yellow is a great vintage color but sadly in person on the E92 it is a bit dull. It is just one of those colors that perhaps should stay retired. Still, definitely different and definitely nice to see:

      An awesome E90 M3 until you see the neon green trim that sticks out like a sore thumb. What was this guy thinking? A tastefully modded car that is then marred with a few elements of poor taste:

      The red accents are a bit much on a white car. When it starts to look clownish you took it too far:

      Now this is a beautiful E92 M3 showing sometimes less is more. Ericsson trunk, BBS LM-R's, good looking carbon accents under the sideskirts, well done. The German flag colors on the grille may be a bit much for some people though:

      A pristine 2002 turbo and a posing "M2" :

      Lot's of E30 M3's:

      Self explanatory:

      The widebody work on this E60 M5 was the best at the show in my opinion. Clean, perfectly fitting, just absolutely gorgeous. The shop that did this body work deserves major respect:

      This blue foil style wrap was very, very eye catching. Definitely not for someone who does not like attention:

      Reminded me somewhat of an M3 GTS:

      Remus was there with an F10 M5 rear section exhaust:

      Not only BMW's attended:

      BimmerBoost vendor ModBargains in attendance:

      Completely original BMW 2002. Flawless:

      Akrapovic showed off their titanium F10 M5 exhaust which is a beauty to behold:

      Matte X6:

      BimmerBoost vendor Vorsteiner in attendance showing off their BMW body pieces available for the F30, F10 M5, and F13 M6:

      BimmerBoost vendor HRE Wheels in attendance. This car just flat out popped, hard to explain but the effect in person was awesome:

      Dinan was showing off their N63 intake which seems to be a ram air style for the N63 funneling air in from the grille. Looked great:

      Never seen fully carbon headlight covers before. Only works on a track car obviously:

      BimmerBoost vendor IND-Distribution in attendance. You know it's IND from far away when you see the most colorful BMW's. The attention to detail on the yellow M3 is amazing. Tasteful yellow accents everywhere from the stitching to seatbelts. This is why IND is who IND is:

      Of course there were Active Autowerke blowers representing:

      N55 and S63 motors on display but somebody switched the labels. The people at the booth were surprised when I pointed it out. Was a rather obvious mistake:

      Hey! Cameo by BenzBoost vendor Weistec Engineering:

      This Hamann widebody X5 simply is overdone:

      Beautiful weather and yes, tons of BMW's:

      The prices are a bit ridiculous and the show is cash only. Come on now, be reasonable:

      You look fine sweetheart:

      Ariel Atom cameo. Need to get me one of these:

      Cash only food stands and $9.50 hotdogs. Quite the racket:

      Techno Violet. Quite simply one of the most beautiful colors BMW has ever put on a car:

      Cameo by my future ex-wife:

      Interesting E92 M3 widebody:

      Whatever the hell this is, it's cool:

      That's all folks:

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      1. cyberkaa's Avatar
        cyberkaa -
        Nice pics.
        Btw, the M3 is an individual Mora Metallic (not Techno) on Kiwi that belongs to a fantastic owner. She's brought it out to the show in previous years, too.
        Now if I could just convince her to let me buy it...