• BimmerBoost Crosses the 1000 member mark

      BimmerBoost is proud to announce it has crossed the 1000 member mark in record time and is now the fastest growing BMW performance forum.

      We want to express our thanks to our users and are doing so by giving away $1000. We feel it is more important to build a sense of community by giving back to the members instead of simply dumping money into Google SEO placement like others. We would rather build our base by giving something back to you.

      This is just a minor milestone and we understand that. There is a long road ahead and a lot of work to do but so far BimmerBoost has exceeded the expectations of everyone, including us. Thanks to unique content such as the world's only DCT build and N54 single turbo builds BimmerBoost offers BMW performance information that is not available anywhere else and info that is censored from other sites. This site is by the enthusiast and for the enthusiast ultimately and we want to thank every single user who positively contributes here.

      Bimmerboost would not have been able to achieve what it has without the support of some very key vendors who have offered full support from day one. We appreciate the support of all our vendors but there are three in particular who have been here from day one and never waivered in their full support. On behalf of all of BB, I would like to thank them now:

      1. BMS (Burger Motorsports)
      2. Custom Performance Engineering (CP-E)
      3. Modern Horsepower (MHP)

      Despite attempts by other sites to stifle BimmerBoost, it has succeeded early thanks to endless work on the part of the staff, vendors, and users alike. Jason, Tim, Gustav, and Kevlar, you can either move out of BimmerBoost's way or BB can just run you over. You can't stop us. BimmerBoost isn't going anywhere and we will continue to claw, scratch, and fight our way to the top by offering users the best, fully featured, most modern BMW enthusiast forum available today.

      On behalf of the staff, thank you all, and let's keep it up.

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