• The most powerful car brand in the world? According to Forbes, it's BMW

      One thing BMW does well (and seemingly better than anything else these days) is market themselves. Tons of advertising, teaser videos, and basically propaganda designed to make us all think they still build the Ultimate Driving Machine. Enthusiasts of course know better as BMW has fallen from grace quite a bit but this does not change the fact that the general public buys into what BMW is selling them and Forbes agrees placing the brand as number 1 in the automotive world and 9th overall in the world.

      Keep in mind this same list has Apple listed as number one and McDonalds listed at number 7. Being "powerful" does not equate to being the best by any means. Still, BMW being number 1 is impressive and ironically enough the next automotive brand behind them is Toyota. Seems fitting almost that Toyota and BMW stand side by side as BMW continues to go after sales volume above all else... just like Toyota.

      Mercedes-Benz is third and number 16th overall.

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        Flinchy -
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        Just keep in mind that HP is #16 on this list lol... I have never had an HP product that worked right for longer than 1 year.
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        You're right, the only thing left is commercial ships.

        One of my first jobs was working in IT doing tech support. Up until now when people ask what kind of computers to get, HP isn't ever on my list.
        HP have incredible bulk pricing so often large business will buy their desktops/laptops in the hundreds/thousands

        but.. yeah i don't understand how they're number one REALLY... their products are by and large fairly terrible, i've seen a LOT of HP laptops fail lately, very fragile.. and their desktops are never value for money for consumers (a friend got a touch screen pc HP thing for free... it was DOA.. got another one.. another part of it was broken... third one, all good, salvaged the first two into one working one... he also got an envy laptop, powerful/shiny/good price... but not super reliable so far lol)

        i'd vote dell over HP any day, and toshiba over dell, unless you value no questions asked warranties over a slightly better value for money product lol.