• OE Tuning announces E-Z Flash - Flash Tune Map Switching for German Performance Vehicles

      The big day is finally here. OE Tuning has announced that finally we have a map switching option for many of the popular German performance vehicles on the market. Many of you know that the S65 for example had to be flash tuned and no tuner on the market had the ability to provide different maps to account for different setups on the fly. That is, no tuner had the ability until today. OE Tuning is the first tuner to have a map switching option for the factory DME E9X M3 among many other models.

      So what can EZ flash do? It does not simply provide different maps. Here are the features provided by the product:

      - Tuning
      - Data Logging
      - Map Switching
      - DTC Reading
      - Code Clearing
      - USB connection
      - Remote download and upload of maps
      - No limitation on the number of tune changes as with traditional flash approaches.
      - Easy to use as the name implies
      - Competitive Price
      - The only product of its kind available for the S65

      Ok, I get that this is a big deal for factory DME BMW M3's with the S65, what about other models?

      Well, this is not just limited to the E9X M3 even though this product will be making huge waves in that respective market. The product already supports the following models:


      MSS60 - S85
      2008 - BMW M3 V8

      MSD80.X - N54
      2006 on BMW 335i

      MSD81.X - N54
      2008 on BMW 335i

      BMW models coming soon:

      MSD/MSV8X.X - N52+
      BMW X23i, X25i, X28i, X30i

      MSS65 - S85
      2006 - BMW M5, M6 V10

      MSD85 - N63
      BMW X6M, X50i

      The following Mercedes Models are supported:

      2004 - 2006 MB CL/S 600
      2004 - 2006 MB CL/S 65 AMG

      2002 MB C/CLK/E/ML/SLK 240
      2002 MB C/CLK/E/ML/SLK 320
      2002 - 2004 MB C/SLK 32 AMG
      2002 MB CL/CLK/CLS/E/ML/S/SL 430
      2002 MB CL/CLK/CLS/E/ML/S/SL 500
      2004 - MB C 55 NA AMG
      2003 - MB CL/CLS/E/S/SL 55 Kompressor AMG
      2005 - MB CLK/SLK 55 NA

      2006 - MB C/CLK/CL/CLS/E/ML/S/SL 63 AMG

      Mercedes Models Coming Soon:

      2006 - MB CL/S/SL 600
      2006 - MB CL/S/SL 65 AMG

      I can say from personal experience this product has made it to market in record time. I was absolutely astounded to hear it was already available as I expected a very long lead time. This was completed ahead of schedule and surpasses all expectations held. If you had never seen the name OE Tuning before, take notice, as you will be seeing it frequently.

      Expect an install video soon with an overview of the features and ease of use to be added to this announcement shortly.

      For further information, check OE Tuning's website:

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