• Evotech tuned BMW naturally aspirated S85 V10 E63 M6 versus an Evotech tuned W216 CL600 M275 Twin Turbo V12 mile long drag race

      Very interesting race here where the top end of the S85 V10 in the E63 M6 impresses. The CL600 has a 5.5 liter V12 with two turbos plus a tune from Evotech which greatly increases the torque of the V12. The problem with the M275 V12 motor is the low redline, relatively poor heads, single over head cam design, 3 valve heads, and 5-speed transmission. Think of it as a tractor. Not to mention the 4800 pound curb weight which is almost 1000 pounds more than the E63 M6.

      So even though the M6 is lacking in comparable torque the S85 V10 is a much more advanced design of an engine that breathes much better up top. Thanks to its lighter weight (not often these days one gets to say the BMW is the "light" one of the two cars) and top end design the M6 is able to walk away. Great race showing old school Mercedes brute force versus BMW high revs. Sadly, these days are gone as now BMW is taking more of a Mercedes-AMG approach. This race goes to show raw power/torque are not everything.

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        That v10 Click here to enlarge
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by G0TB00ST? Click here to enlarge
        That v10 Click here to enlarge
        If it had two turbos...
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        Didn't expect that! impressive top end!
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