• BMW confirms the M1 name will not be used for the upcoming Motorsport 1 series

      BMW confirms the M1 name will be not use for the upcoming Motorsport 1 series. In the an interview with M head Dr. Kay Segler, was able to confirm the model as well as that the head of M believes the "M1" name should remain on the original M1 supercar.

      Dr. Kay Segler goes on to mention that the new 1M or 135 M will be seen as a collector car and potentially something that can appreciate. It will have a short lifecycle of about 1 year and will launch in 2011. Horsepower will be around the 350 mark.

      Rumor has it Dr. Kay Segler read the bimmerboost article that about there only being one M1 which led him to making the right decision. interview:

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