• And the BMW N54 horsepower record officially stands at 725 wheel horsepower - E92 335i with Vargas VTX-R 63 Stage 3 turbo upgrade, Cobb Flash, and PTF Pro Tune

      Well, it seems the back and forth of N54 tuning horsepower records is over... for now. Earlier this month Vargas Turbo Tech and Pro Tuning Freaks (with a Cobb flash) set the N54 hosrepower record at 693 wheel horsepower. That basically obliterated what anyone else had hit on this platform. A competing tuner with a single turbo (the Vargas VTX63 upgrade consists of twin turbos) N54 upgrade kit out of nowhere pulled out suspect numbers that eeked out a few more wheel horsepower.

      This became an ego pissing match of sorts but Vargas and Pro Tuning Freaks went back to the dyno to make some adjustments and managed to surprisingly quickly and easily take the horsepower record right back (and where it rightfully belongs due to the breakthrough being thanks to the Vargas work with the High Pressure Fuel Pump) with a 725 wheel horsepower pull.

      A video is included below along with two graphs. The E92 335i is equipped with a Pro Tuning Freaks pro tuning using the Cobb flash system, 109 octane race gas, meth injection, and of course the Vargas Turbo Technologies VTX-R 63 (GTX2863R) twin turbo upgrade and HPFP upgrade.

      Congratulations to Vargas, PTF, and Cobb for pushing the platform into new territory.

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      1. E90Company's Avatar
        E90Company -
        Dayyum. Nice work!
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        marv85 -
        Nice Work Tony and Dzenno! I can't wait to see how much more they kits will produce once in the hands of their tuners/owners
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        rader1 -
        VERY NICE.
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        AlexQuattro -
        This is amazing! Awesome work guys!
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        r45t4335i -
        BOSS!! Wish I had the disposable income. Trade for a kidney?
      1. Flinchy's Avatar
        Flinchy -
        Literally the only bad thing about this is we won't find out JUST how far the kit can go for a few more months

        But... 720-725hp and it's not even being pushed. Amazing work guys! Click here to enlarge
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        bobS -
        Pretty work guys! The n54 is a beast! This platform is amazing!
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        Deadwrong -
        Click here to enlarge Amazing numbers. Congrats Tony and PTF.
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        mithiral67 -
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        Q4P -
        lol, i guessed 725 dead on... congrats again!!
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        Sered -
        that powerband is gorgeous! nice job!
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        KB -
        Great job...I see the Shiv was the first person to $#@! on your thread in the other forum. That dude has little dick syndrome. Shouldn't he be banned for $#@!ting on other vendors threads? Hahahaaha...yeah
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        Amazing work Tony. Can't wait for you to give the N55 some love now!
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        RnmEvo9 -
        I can only imagine how that powerband would be if the N54 could rev a bit more, nevertheless, congrats on a job well done.
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        Loving it, Tony. A solid, good-looking, performing setup you have made. Im sorry you have to deal with Shiv being so immature and illiterate, A giant leech on your work, basically.
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        Shiv is trolling hard on would hope even the shiv supporters and overall public on that forum would see that. If anyone did that to him it would be instant ban and post deletion.....
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by bobS Click here to enlarge
        Shiv is trolling hard on would hope even the shiv supporters and overall public on that forum would see that. If anyone did that to him it would be instant ban and post deletion.....
        Jason is obviously out enjoying his weekend and I think Shiv knows this. He is doing this when he knows his posts wont be removed. You guys might as well go over there and post all your stuff now it will be up for at least a few hours.
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        well now i am curious what that clown has up his sleeve... if he makes 800, i will be very impressed... especially on stock motor
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        Click here to enlarge un fn believable this is great ! remember not long ago 400hp was great lol nice job guys Click here to enlarge