• The N54 finally comes into its own - Vargas Turbo Tech Stage 3 N54 (335/135) twin turbocharger upgrade sets new N54 horsepower record with 693 wheel dyno

      Congratulations are in order to Vargas Turbo Tech as well as Cobb tuning and ProTuning Freaks for raising the bar as to what the BMW N54 inline-6 twin turbo motor is capable of. There are two platform records here the first of which it is important to note was achieved without methanol injection. There are certain tuners on the N54 platform that mask their ability to upgrade and control the stock fueling system and any fueling issues are "solved" by dumping in a ton of methanol.

      Well, with no meth and the cars own fuel system (with High Pressure Fuel Pump tweaks courtesy of Vargas Turbo Tech) responsible for all the fueling 673 wheel horsepower was achieved in STD correction on a Dynojet. That is a record for horsepower on the platform without methanol injection and was done with a blend of MS109 fuel and 93 octane.

      Meth injection was then added and the figures rose to 693 wheel horsepower. If more time was available for the parties involved including Josh at Cobb as well as Jake and Dzeeno at ProTuning Freaks the 700 wheel barrier likely would have been crossed. This will happen sooner rather than later now but this is still a major milestone and a new era the N54 is entering. The motor is finally starting to mature and although it is not on a comparable power level yet with the top BMW aftermarket options this is a huge step step forward for a platform that spent considerable time in limbo due to fueling and tuning issues.

      It must be satisfying for all involved especially Vargas Turbo who was doubted by many early on due to being a fresh entrant on the N54 tuning scene with many fanboys blindly following another tuner providing a turbo upgrade. Vargas Turbo Tech, Cobb, and PTF have surprisingly quickly surpassed the results from a competing turbo kit that uses a single turbo setup and have done so without relying on meth injection band-aids. A true fueling upgrade is here as well as a turbo upgrade making some serious power and setting the standard.

      Congratulations and much respect to all the parties involved, dyno graphs and videos are below.

      693WHP 572WTQ Graph:

      693 WHP 572WTQ Graph 0 Smoothing:

      Back to back no meth / meth run
      673WHP 564WTQ no meth / 680WHP 556WTQ

      A few runs stacked to see how consistent the car is:

      693WHP 572WTQ with speed to prove it was in 4th gear:

      Octane Calculator pic:

      693WHP 572WTQ Pull video:

      Back to back no meth / meth run:

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        Sered -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by CannonFodder Click here to enlarge
        Great work guys!

        For those looking for a comparison, look at either the new maximumpsi turbo e46 m or a ICS stage one s5x.

        Seems like the spool comes on very late. Any way to get it to spool faster? S52 guys seem to get single Gt4094's to spool faster.
        A) Dzenno said that spool tuning still isn't finished. I don't expect a huge increase there, but there will be some
        B) The GT4094 flows less air than twin GTX2863Rs I'm pretty sure.
        C) Are the S52s completely stock? The N54 has a stock, poor-flowing head, cams, and is still running the stock IM. Comparing the N54 to any of the S engines isn't exactly fair as the S engines already have a great-flowing head/cam setup.
      1. nafoo's Avatar
        nafoo -
        I don't understand why you guys all want to compare this engine to another. Who cares, really?

        It's a N54. This is the N54 forum. Let's marvel at the N54 and not go off topic comparing it to anything else.

        I was going to be happy with a DD 600whp car on pump. Looks like that number was underestimated and it'll be a 650whp DD on pump.

        NOW LET'S ALL GET EXCITED! Click here to enlarge
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        AltecBX -
        When I say it's going to be one of the best BMW engine I'm not talking about force induction power or compression wise. Think about the engines before the N54 (M54, S50, S52), the N54 has direct injection, twin turbos, etc in a 3.0L setup. This was revolutionary in late 2006 when this engine was introduced in the 335. Of course the S62(E39M5 & E52Z8) & S54(E46M3 & E85Z4) has a place in history as well but we are talking about M cars that stands on its own. The N55 is just a continuation of the N54 as BMW continues to sell the N54 in higher price vehicles like the (335iS, 135iS, 1M).
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        Torgus -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by leo985i Click here to enlarge
        Maybe you all just do it just to piss sticky off.
        That is what I think.
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        Turkeybaster115 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        People have made 1000 whp with cast LS pistons please don't bring your nonsense into this.
        You need to get over your unhealthy fixation with me. I also don't need all that bad blood.
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        mightmouse -
        That will be my 1m with the stage 3 can't wait
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        M3_WC -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Flinchy Click here to enlarge
        Most of the price i can attribute comes to the cost of the bodykit

        to take a 135i and swap parts (suspension, front kit, custom rear guards, battery tray and exhaust... Oh and LSD) gets daaamn close to the cost of the 1m... At least half the cost is in those rear guards alone hahaha, let alone the slightly slightly slightly nicer interior (moot point if you want to racecar).. All up for the body would be $10k at a guess

        you're 100% correct from a value for money perspective though
        With 135i selling less than $20k now. 1M list around $60k. That will give you near $40k for modding.

        Honestly the premium for a used 1M is just stupid.
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        V8Bait -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by WDBi Click here to enlarge
        Bottom line is we will see what ends up being the better option in time. Personally if the single curve for the 335i looks anything like that i dont know why anyone would go with twins 200whp more at 85mph which is 350 higher rpm in the 335i and thats running 24psi thus less stress on the engine
        I feel like clearing this up real quick. You can't make a claim that 24psi is less stress on the engine without first accounting for head design, cam specs, fuel, turbocharger, and a few other things.

        PSI is just a measure of restriction. Power (among many, many other things) is what kills motors, and PSI really has little to do with the generation of power. Boost is more a measure of how much your motor sucks at making power (pun intended)...

        Also, N54 is the new LS1. I base this on the fact that I dislike Toyota's, so if I'm pulling something out of my ass, it's going to be a comparison to a motor I actually like.
      1. Sered's Avatar
        Sered -
        Agreed. I'd like to see what DZenno's car does with the custom headwork when he gets his Stg3s equipped.
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        Mike@VAC -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Autobahn335i Click here to enlarge
        Wow. Just saw this and I'm speechless. That's some ridiculous power on a stock block engine. Congrats!!
        I think people will hit 900+ on a stock engine. Of course, not reliably but it's probably possible. For those who may not be up on this 100%, when you do push an engine far and it 'works' you can rest assured it will not last long at all. Even with the god like 2JZ people popped stock engines over 800hp, experience crank walk etc - don't believe the internet hype. Now, I am partial to I6s and the 2JZGTE might be the best I6 to date - but it's not infallible. I had a BPU MkIV on TE37s in 1999 btw, cool car but I have no desire to get another one. I like my 7MGTE swapped 85 Supra better Click here to enlarge

        Vargas turbos F T W. Great job PTF!
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        dzenno@PTF -
        Totally agree. Thanks @Mike@VAC
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        govr46 -
        Hi Mike@VAC,

        This is David the owner of the VTT stage 3 car I sent you a PM.
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        Mike@VAC -
        Replied Click here to enlarge
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        V8Bait -
        Secrets don't make friends.
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        ChuckD05 -
        n54 = b18c5 head with a b18 block with Vtec Yo
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        bigdnno98 -
        @govr46 everyone loves a good head job Click here to enlarge
      1. bigdnno98's Avatar
        bigdnno98 -
        some cams too
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        Mike@VAC -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by V8Bait Click here to enlarge
        Secrets don't make friends.
        It was unrelated to this thread. Nothing exciting or juicy either. zzzzzzzz
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        sr20seb -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        Sure budget Veyron isn't more appropriate?
        Because it's cheaper it probably should be compared to the more affordable MP4-12C instead. Yeah that sounds better, 2 turbos, built in so much alike!!!!!!!
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        BuraQ -
        Very good news to hear, looks like I will be holding on to this platform after all.

        Some people may say those numbers show lag, on the other hand I see it saving a transmission. Also I doubt seriously anyone would be able to hold down their rears if full boost was at 4k RPMs

        We will be taking this up soon, just looking forward to some track results