• The N54 finally comes into its own - Vargas Turbo Tech Stage 3 N54 (335/135) twin turbocharger upgrade sets new N54 horsepower record with 693 wheel dyno

      Congratulations are in order to Vargas Turbo Tech as well as Cobb tuning and ProTuning Freaks for raising the bar as to what the BMW N54 inline-6 twin turbo motor is capable of. There are two platform records here the first of which it is important to note was achieved without methanol injection. There are certain tuners on the N54 platform that mask their ability to upgrade and control the stock fueling system and any fueling issues are "solved" by dumping in a ton of methanol.

      Well, with no meth and the cars own fuel system (with High Pressure Fuel Pump tweaks courtesy of Vargas Turbo Tech) responsible for all the fueling 673 wheel horsepower was achieved in STD correction on a Dynojet. That is a record for horsepower on the platform without methanol injection and was done with a blend of MS109 fuel and 93 octane.

      Meth injection was then added and the figures rose to 693 wheel horsepower. If more time was available for the parties involved including Josh at Cobb as well as Jake and Dzeeno at ProTuning Freaks the 700 wheel barrier likely would have been crossed. This will happen sooner rather than later now but this is still a major milestone and a new era the N54 is entering. The motor is finally starting to mature and although it is not on a comparable power level yet with the top BMW aftermarket options this is a huge step step forward for a platform that spent considerable time in limbo due to fueling and tuning issues.

      It must be satisfying for all involved especially Vargas Turbo who was doubted by many early on due to being a fresh entrant on the N54 tuning scene with many fanboys blindly following another tuner providing a turbo upgrade. Vargas Turbo Tech, Cobb, and PTF have surprisingly quickly surpassed the results from a competing turbo kit that uses a single turbo setup and have done so without relying on meth injection band-aids. A true fueling upgrade is here as well as a turbo upgrade making some serious power and setting the standard.

      Congratulations and much respect to all the parties involved, dyno graphs and videos are below.

      693WHP 572WTQ Graph:

      693 WHP 572WTQ Graph 0 Smoothing:

      Back to back no meth / meth run
      673WHP 564WTQ no meth / 680WHP 556WTQ

      A few runs stacked to see how consistent the car is:

      693WHP 572WTQ with speed to prove it was in 4th gear:

      Octane Calculator pic:

      693WHP 572WTQ Pull video:

      Back to back no meth / meth run:

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        Sparky68 -
        Holy $#@!!!!!!!! Great work guys.
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        Sticky -
        Now this is news.
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        alpinedevil335 -
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        marv85 -
        Congrats!! this is really really good news. Great job Tony, COBB, and PTF

        why do we need 4 meth bungs again??
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        govr46 -
        First I like to thank Jake and Jacob for coming out. It was really nice to meet you guys.
        And another thanks to Dzenno for staying up late again and helping out.
        Last but not least my brother Tony, I know its been hard work and you've been really stressed out but its going to be worth it I promise. (Don't let forum talk get to you, Its not worth it)

        To everyone else that preordered a stage 3 kit or thinking about buying one. Your in for one hell of a ride.
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        marv85 -
        I just love it when we get BS free news!
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        Sparky68 -
        added the final run pic over at BS90 Click here to enlarge
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        hookandpull -
        What year car is this? And what turbos? Also what's the upgraded HPFP?
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        Rodzilla -
        Congratulations! Can't wait to see some track videos. This is ground breaking news!Click here to enlarge
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        marv85 -
        First video not working I guess? it says private
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        alpinedevil335 -
        More info on the HPFP please.
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        Tony@VargasTurboTech -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by marv85 Click here to enlarge
        First video not working I guess? it says private
        Video fixed. It was up for a while before I posted this so I made it private.
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        Tony@VargasTurboTech -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by alpinedevil335 Click here to enlarge
        More info on the HPFP please.
        I will be making a post just for this later on today. But basically you send us your pump and another one of your fuel components and we modify them to flow more and send them back, If you want less downtime you can send us new parts to modify.
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        Very impressive! Congrats!
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        That curve jeeeeesuuuus. Sexy
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        How about a datalog or two Click here to enlarge

        Jake or Dzenno?
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        Wow, that's nuts. Congrats on the progress with this setup. Makes me want to keep my car. Click here to enlarge
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        I bet LostMarine wished he still had his 335i now.
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        Holy jesus those are some serious pump numbers! Congrats guys.

        How much boost are you guys running?
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        Epic, now even @Sticky must agree the 335 is the new Supra Click here to enlarge jk