• Gintani/OE tuning Have Cracked Locked E92 M3 DME

      So as some of u may know and some of u may not know, my car was updated with the first BMW SW version created to keep tuners out of tuning the s65 DME, ISTA/P version 37.2. BMW had been working on this newest software for almost a year. Basically found out what tools and how tuners have been tuning the DMEs thus far and made ways that locked out all the tools and procedures used by tuners. Ofcourse I didnt know this I just wanted the latest software in my car so that my I drive could stop freezing.

      So after I updated my complete vehicles sw, including DME, i had my car towed to Gintani. They then told me they could not tune the car, that something kept locking them out when writting my tune back to it. I figured it was nothing big and left my car. A week went by and they were still working on it. Another week went by and I started getting scared because Mfest was around the corner, this is when they figured out what was going on and what BMW had done. Luckily by Mfest Alex @ Gintani and Jeremy @ OE tuning figured out enough in my DME to make it run properly except for my DSC and ABS were disabled. I didnt care cause I was gonna race the car and I dont use those things on the track anyways. My car drove fine to Mfest, on the track and back.

      After Mfest I left my car at Gintani for another couple of weeks so that Alex@Gintani/Jeremy@OE tuning were able to figure everything out and clear up all the bugs. My car is now running perfectly fine, so for those who have questioned it, yes OE Tuning can tune locked out DMEs, do not listen to other rumors. I have experienced this first hand with my car. BIG thanks to ALex@Gintani and Jeremy@OE tuning for all the hard work and time spent on cracking my DME.

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